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Noah Bourque
Thanksgiving Time
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After we got back from Noah's big trip back East, we decided to try something new--solid foods. He'd been staring at us eating for a few weeks and was starting to make little chewing motions with his jaw. This is Noah's first bite ever! He kind of just licked at it, but didn't seem to mind it too much.
Licking rice cereal makes quite a mess, but I'm sure there will be much, much worse to come. . .
Laughing and playing is still a favorite pasttime, and he's getting much better at grabbing things.
Sleep hasn't changed much, though. He's still a cute sleeper, even when he's dressed for a blizzard.
What? Oh ow, daddy! There goes that that crazy flashing thingie again!
For Thanksgiving, we went to Grandpa Dean and Grandma Marsha's where Dean's brother, Dennis, had flown into town. Everyone had a great feast, including Noah who had. . . Thanksgiving milk.
t19jun04coneheadedraisin.jpg (10497 bytes)We set up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving, and Noah didn't know what to think. It didn't really bother him too much, though.
Around the first of December, Noah started growing up fast. Iced tea quickly replaced milk as his drink of choice. . . quite precocious.
He's also got the rolling-over thing down pat.
Going. . .
Going. . .
Gone! We can't keep this kid on his tummy for more than 10 seconds.
And he also continues to talk up a storm to anyone who'll listen--Mommy, Daddy, stuffed animals, the camera. . .
While he still doesn't look definitively like either one of us, some pictures make him look more like one or the other. We think this looks a lot like Dan's baby pictures.
Oh my, yet another embarassing picture.
"Uh, yeah, dude, I'm lookin' and I agree; that's an embarassing picture."

. . . As you can tell, we don't feed this kid enough.

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