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Noah Bourque
Visitors from Tennessee
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On October 1st, Jeff (Dan's Brother) and his fiance Kelly came to visit from Nashville. Jeff took after his mom on first meeting Noah--there were tears of joy in his eyes.
The next day was a fine fall day, so we piled in the car and went to Palmer Park in the middle of Colorado Springs. Kelly was quite taken with Noah, and Noah was really putting the charm on thick. Sorry, Buddy, she's spoken for!
See, we told you it was a beautiful fall day. Noah spent most of the day playing "little kangaroo joey." Does that make Dan a mama roo? Hmm. . .
Noah was quite into the hiking. He spent most of the day leaning forward trying to get daddy to go faster. Daddy spent most of the day appreciating the fact he didn't have to do this for 9 months! We forgot his hat, so we invented a new style for babies. We call it the "ragtop." Funny, no calls from Baby Gap yet.
Did we mention it was a beautiful day?
That night, we engaged in an old family tradition: Dan and Jeff playing guitars and singing. Noah stared at Jeff's jumping elbow the entire time.
t19jun04coneheadedraisin.jpg (10497 bytes)Jeff and Kelly didn't stay long, but they did manage to snap a "family portrait" before they left. We've never seen Noah say "cheese" before or since (you've got to click on this one)!
Of course, October is pumpkin season, so we took the buddy down the road to a pumpkin farm. He got to ride the tractor and was a big help looking for pumpkins.
See, he found one. . . no, no, the orange one, not the yellow one!
Almost four months old now, and he's finally starting to get the hang of holding his head up. We've only suffered a couple of fat lips from when his head comes crashing down!
Those hands are getting a lot better too. He's got that "grab and eat" reflex down pat.
All that playing wears him out. We nearly woke him up because we were laughing so hard. His head just kept getting lower, and lower and lower.
The good weather didn't last too long, and Noah got his first taste of snow. Good thing they make Colorado clothes for babies--he's ready for a blizzard!

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