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". . .There it is!!!"

Noah Bourque

Look Who's Smiling Now
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Sometime in early August, Noah just all-of-a-sudden got "more cuter." I wouldn't have believed it was possible, but it was!
His little cheeks started getting chubbier. . .
And he started interacting a lot more with his surroundings. He just loves his little play gym.
He's still not sure what to think of Ebony, but he's figured out she's pretty useful as a sitting prop.
And just when we thought he couldn't possibly get ANY cuter, he found his smile! While the first few were most definitely gas-related, pretty soon it was easy to tell when he was smiling at you.
Of course, those other cute faces didn't go away.
But sometimes, he just grins from ear-to-ear! Unfortunately, he loves to smile at 3:00 in the morning when you're trying to be all serious and get him to go back to sleep. . . it's tough to keep a straight face when you're looking at this!
It's already September, and it's hard to believe Noah's almost three months old! He doesn't sleep nearly as much as he used to, so there's plenty of time for cuddlin'.
And more smilin'
One of his favorite new activities is "standing." He supports all of his own weight, and papa just provides some stability. He just smiles and grins and talks! Hearing him "talk" is quite a treat, and a welcome change from crying.
Please don't spit up, please don't spit up, please dont. . .
On September 11th, Dan's squadron hosted a "pig roast" at Farish, an Air Force retreat in the mountains just west of Colorado Springs. Talk about a gorgeous day and fantastic scenery!
Noah just sat and talked with all the rest of the big kids.
One of us always has our hands full with the buddy, so family portraits are rare, but here's one!
Here's Noah on September 19th, the day he turned three months old.  He began to notice his hands and the fact that he could control them.  He would stare at them for hours. . .
. . . and hours! This pose was particularly funny and really made us laugh, but Noah was completely engrossed.
Except when we stuck the camera right in his face. He's going to be surprised when he finally figures out the world doesn't really flash all the time.
"I'm still getting used to this tummy thing"
If you can't tell, Angie LOVES being a mom!

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