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M.Tech. Design Engineering

From K.L.E society's college of Engg. & Tech.

Belgaum, VTU, Belgaum, (Aggregate 81.0%) Stood Second in University


B.E. Mechanical engineering.

From Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum.

Karnataka University, Dharwad, in 2000 with 76%


Computer skills:


CAE : Classic ANSYS 8.1, Ansys ICEMCFD Hexa/Tetra



CFD : Fluent 6.1.22, Gambit, Tgrid


CAD : CADfix 6.0, IDEAS 9.0, etc.


Programming Language : C, C++, Fortran 77


Professional Experience:

         Working as a CAE Engineer in Atlascopco India Ltd. from 24th June 2003 to till date. Is responsible for Structural and CFD analysis, managing team of two peoples to complete the projects from the complete division at France and Belgium. Daily phone conversion with client, to discuss the projects and carry out the required assignments.

Have handled projects individually in different engineering fields, few of them are listed below,

1)      Shock load analysis in transient domain, to check frame safety for road transportation with given road test data.

2)      Compressor frame proof load analysis for railway bogie mounting, which included shock and vibration analysis along with fatigue strength calculation, according to European standards.

3)      Water receiver analysis for dynamic loading considering the receiver dynamics in to consideration.

4)      Dryer vessel analysis considering the geometrical non-linearities and contact elements between the components. ( large displacement and follower fore considerations)

5)      Impeller Modal Analysis with cyclic symmetry segments (harmonics, nodal diameter, harmonic index, etc.)

6)      Worked on many projects of CFD analysis, which include compressible (Ideal gas), incompressible flows, multiphase flows, turbulent and laminar flows with usage of different turbulence models available with fluent. MRF problems for fan region, standard all function and near wall treatment approach for capturing the turbulence characteristics exactly for the flow domain. I have also used Multiphase models such as Eulerian-Euleran, Eulerian-Lagrangian models extensively. I have also solved problems with Mixture model with cavitation phenomenon, DPM model with various wall boundary conditions and various types of injectors have been used.

7)      Working on FSI (Fluid structure interface) methodology for some important projects.

8)      Domain knowledge of compressor technique, which include screw compressor, turbo compressor, scroll compressor and piston-cylinder compressor.

         Worked as a Postgraduate Engineer Trainee in ThyssenKrupp Industries India Ltd., from 1st Oct 2002 to 23rd Jun 2003, in Design & Engineering Division. Was responsible for FEA analysis using software like Ansys 6.1 and IDEAS 9.0. Work involved Design calculations and Developments related to Centrifugal machines, Belt conveyors, etc. Handled FEA projects which included, analysis of crusher shaft, Polyurethane star coupling, flange of disc break, etc. got convergent with IS and DIN standards.

         Worked as a project trainee for 8 months at Propulsion division, National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore.


Academic Project Works:


1. Project for B.E.

Title : Design and fabrication of Automatic Hydraulic Sampler

Platform : Designing of components, Conventional Machining and AutoCAD drafting.

2. Project for M.Tech.

(Carried out at National Aerospace Laboratories, Govt. of INDIA, Bangalore)

Title : Design, Analysis and experimentation of Magnetic Bearing for Rotating System.

Platform : Conventional design, ANSYS 5.4


Work involved was to design a Magnetic Bearing for rotating system, which will be used for aerospace applications with high speeds and extreme operating conditions. Magnetic bearings have got advantages such as no lubrication required, long life, reliability, stiffness and damping coefficient of bearing can be changed as and when required, etc. Thus these bearings can be used in Aero-engines, turbines, compressors, etc. it is a futuristic technology and will dominate in coming years.


In this work, magnetic actuators, active feedback control system for magnetic bearing is completely designed. A systematic approach for Magnetic bearing design is presented in this work. FEM analysis is carried out to check the validity of the designed data using front-end software ANSYS 5.4. A demonstration modal is prepared and experiments were carried to measure various field parameters. Experimental values and FEM results were compared with each other.


Other details:


Languages Known : English, Marathi, Kannada, Hindi

My strength : Hard working, optimistic, Sincere from core

Capabilities : Self confident, willing to learn quickly, good communication skills

Hobbies : Playing cricket, football, traveling, working on computers


Contact Details:


S/o, Anil S Karekar, Gajantlaxmi, plot No. 35, Hulabatte Colony, Shastrinagar, Belgaum-590003






Date of Birth: 27th June 1978; Martial status: Single; Physique: Better; Nationality: Indian



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