Research Interests

1. Finite Element Techniques

Applications of the front end commercial software (NASTRAN, ANSYS, NISA, etc) in the design analysis and
validation  of engineering components & structures encountered in Aerospace, Marine, Automobile, Earth Moving
Equipment industries:

         Linear and nonlinear stress calculations

         Eigen value analysis and transient response studies

         Shape, structural and section optimization

         Fatigue, fracture and creep analysis and life estimation

Study of impact mechanics problems and simulation and analysis of crash phenomenon using Hydro-Codes

         Foreign object impact on flying aircrafts (Bird ingestion analysis)

         Damage studies due to impact of bullets and missiles

         Simulation and study of crash phenomenon due to collision of automobiles, marine structures, etc

Characterization of mechanical behavior of composite materials using linear and nonlinear Finite Element

         Metal matrix composites

         Ceramic matrix composites

         Fiber reinforced composites

2. Boundary Element Methods

Applications of Boundary Element techniques in the study of stress analysis problems:

         Plane stress and plane strain problems

         Axisymmetric problems


3. Expert Systems

         Expert systems for the study of failure mechanisms and failure envelops for composite materials

         Fatigue and fracture analysis of steel and composite structures using expert systems.


4. Experimental Methods

Applications of photoelastic methods  and strain gauge techniques in the study of fracture mechanics
and contact stress problems:

         Transmitted light photoelastic techniques in the study of two-dimensional fracture mechanics problems                       

and evaluation of Stress Intensity Factors (SIF's)

         Scattered light photoelasticity in the investigation of three-dimensional fracture mechanics & contact                     

stress problems.


5. Kinematic/Dynamic Analysis of Engineering Mechanisms


         Development of computer programs for the kinematic & dynamic analysis and simulation of planar mechanisms.


6. Composite Materials

         Characterization of Mechanical Behaviour of Composite Materials.

         Failure Theories and Envelopes for Composite Materials.

7. Impact Mechanics


         Study of Impact Mechanics Problems by using Hydro-Codes.




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