benakaraj e.s.


Name            : Benakaraj E.S.

Qualification: Master of Technology (CIM)


ME Dissertation Project (2004):


“Stress and Vibration Analysis of a Gas Turbine Annular Combustor Liner”




The design of gas turbine combustion system is a complex process involving fluid dynamics, combustion analysis and mechanical design. For many years the combustion system was less amenable to the theoretical treatment than other components of gas turbine and any development program required a considerable amount of trial and error. With very high cycle temperature of modern gas turbines, mechanical design remains difficult. The rapidly increasing use of computational methods in recent years has a major impact on the design process, enabling the consideration of both mechanical and thermal loads and their time varying behavior.


The problem involved in the design of a combustion system is basically one of reaching the best compromise between a number of conflicting requirements which will vary widely with different applications. Stresses involved due to mechanical and thermal loads is of great concern in the mechanical design and lifing of a combustor system. An understanding of the vibration characteristics of the combustor elements is also essential to design combustion system.


The project work carried out comprises of the following:


1. A comprehensive literature survey on different combustion system, the materials used in their development design methodology adopted etc.


2. An extensive stress analysis considering mechanical load (differential pressure acting on the combustor liner) and thermal load which was obtained from a previous heat transfer analysis.


3. An Eigen Value Analysis of combustion liner to obtain different natural frequency and associated mode shapes.


The stress calculation was carried out using axisymmetric modeling approach. The eigen value analysis was performed using shell formulation approach. The front-end commercial software ANSYS (Ver: 8.0) was used in these studies.


Some of the important results of the investigation:



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