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M.Tech. Dissertation Project (2002):


“Singular Stress Distribution around an Interface Crack in Whisker Reinforced

Metal Matrix Composite -- Finite Element Investigation”




This dissertation project deals with the study of singular stresses around a penny shaped interface crack in metal matrix composites. The crack is considered at the interface of whisker and matrix material. Finite element study is carried out using the front end commercial software ANSYS (Ver: 5.4) adopting its fracture mechanics capabilities. Aluminum/Silicon carbide MMC system is considered in the analysis.


Job Objective:

An M.Tech (Design) engineer presently working in Geometric Software Solutions Ltd (GSSL) Bangalore with 3+ years of experience seeking a challenging career in Design and Analysis using state of the art tools in CAE.





M Tech (Design Engineering)      V T U Karnataka                          78%         2003 Mar

BE Mechanical                                   Karnataka University Dharwar     67%                                  1997 Nov


Software Skills:

CAE Software: Abaqus, Hypermesh, Ansys

                          Fair Knowledge of Nastran, Patran.


CAD Software: Solid Works, AutoCAD.


Professional Experience:



1.      GEOMETRIC SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS LTD (GSSL)  Bangalore ( March 2005-Till Date)


Working as Design Engineer, at Engineering Service Division Bangalore.

·         Structural static, Dynamic and contact analysis Using preprocessing using Hypermesh and solver using Abaqus.

·         Finite Element Modeling using Hypermesh.

·         Worked for MSC Software Ltd Pune,  for development of new FEA software for MSC Software, Worked as End user level Testing for  new FEA Software, coordinated with developers in developing basic functions of FEM for developing new product from scratch.  Worked with developers for successful launch of first release of software. Written various test cases for new product. Worked on Nastran Patran for solving static problems.

·         Lead a team of 10 Engineers for customization of Products using XML programming and interlinking with Solid works tools to generate desired design for customer with minimal effort.


2.      NATIONAL AEROSPACE LABORATORY (NAL) Bangalore, ( July/2004 – March 2005)


Worked as Project Assistant at Closed Circuit Centrifugal compressor test rig Lab for Development of MICRO GAS TURBINE and test Rigs.


·         Finite element modeling using Hypermesh

·         Static structural  Analysis of  various Micro Gas turbine parts like compressor, turbine etc

·         Modeling and analysis of turbine and compressor.

·         Design, modeling and Drawing of compressor test Rig using Solidworks.

·         Solid modeling and Assembly modeling of Micro Gas turbine using Solid Works

·         Finalizing design, drawing and Detailing, Providing fits and tolerances for Micro Gas turbine.

·         Responsible for development of Rapid prototyping of intricate parts of aero engines and manufacture parts using investment casting.


3. Atlas Gears Ltd (A division of Fairfield USA) Kolhapur (09/1998 TO 07/1999)                     

Worked as an Engineer in Production Planning and Control Department, Lead a team of five members in planning and project execution for development work of automobile gears.


·         Work involved daily and monthly scheduling, process planning and development, time study.

·        Plant Layout, cost estimation and modeling of process sheets using AutoCAD and Solid works.

·        Inventory control, Pro- E solid modeling.

·         Worked in a team for plant layout considering various processes, which greatly reduced cycle time and idle time for production, which earned greater revenue to the company.



i) Centrifugal Compressor analysis (Coupled Field analysis)

This involves couple field analysis of centrifugal compressor, where compressor experiences various complicated loads like thermal, structural, vibrational and aerodynamic loads, a finite element analysis is carried out to find out stresses and deflections developed in compressor due to these types of loads.

ii) Centrifugal Turbine analysis (Coupled Field analysis)

This involves couple field analysis of centrifugal turbine, where turbine experiences various high temperature, structural, vibrational and aerodynamic loads, a finite element analysis is carried out to find out stresses and deflections developed in compressor due to these types of loads.


iii) Thermal and structural Analysis of bearing housing Turbine end (MGT)

Analysis is carried out using Ansys, where various possible configurations are carried out for analysis and an optimized Housing is developed with minimal thermal transfer rate and stress.


iv) Design, optimization and FE analysis of turbine Balancing Disk.

Turbine Balancing disc experiences high temperature and pressure loads, A optimization study is carried out to minimize the weight and to maintain maximum possible interference between running shaft and balancing disc,


Ø      Structural and Modal Analysis of Co-ordinate measuring Machine. (Assembly Analysis)


An assembly model of CMM machine is meshed using Hypermesh, Tied contacts are used at various locations where two parts are bolted. There were around 50 tied contacts. Static and modal analysis is carried out for CMM machine using Abaqus processor


Ø      Transient Analysis of Speedometer-Casing under various gravity loads


A speedometer casing is meshed using hypermesh, time dependent load is applied at the center of the speedometer, and a transient Dynamic analysis is carried out using Abaqus tool.


Ø      Contact and Modal analysis of a connectors


Non-linear contact analysis of connectors are carried out for different types of connectors, and modal analysis carried out for these connectors, pre-processing done using hypermesh and processing done using Abaqus.


Ø      Structural frequency Analysis of ADR Heat Shields


ADR Heat Shield are used for Volvo trucks for environment safety, a structural analysis is carried out to find Stresses developed at the Joints and also Frequency analysis is carried out for finding out mode shapes in heat shields. Pre-processing done using hypermesh and processing done using Abaqus.


Ø      Structural frequency Analysis of Cooper Street Lights


A static analysis is carried out for Cooper Street Lights for its self weight and wind loads and stresses developed at the brackets are found out, a frequency analysis is carried out to find first 10 Modes of Vibration using hypermesh and processing done using Abaqus.


Ø      Contact Analysis of Car Window regulator


A contact analysis is carried our Car Window regulator, where contact region is defined for the pin and the wheel assembly and between rope and wheel, a force of 600 N is applied at the end of the rope and analysis is carried out,  contact stresses developed are studied. Using Hypermesh and Abaqus.




Ø      Design and development of complete Micro Gas Turbine system


This Micro Gas Turbine is designed to obtain a power of around 10 kW by converting aero engine into 10 KW power generating unit. Work involves Finite Element Modeling, Finite Element Analysis, and communication of FE results to Designers. Complete Assembling of Micro Gas Turbine using design tools. Following Finite Element analysis is carried out using Ansys, Abaqus and Hypermesh.

Personal Details:

Father’s Name: Ganapati V. Naik; Passport Details: A 6193957 (Valid up to 2008)

Reference: Mr. Rajendran, Scientist E2. NAL, 080-25051788, 25051787


Contact details:


Address: c/o Mr. Swaminathan,   #1312, Off Chord Road, Vijaynagar, Bangalore 560056

Permanent: “Sanskriti” bldg, Near Bhaskar dairy, 2nd main, 7th  cross, Sadashivnagar, Belgaum-590001                        

                      Pho: 0831-2473606         


Pho: 0831-2473606 Cell: 0-9945939770


Email: kalash_n@yahoo.com; naikrane.kalash@gmail.com



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