Kalidas V.

Name            : Kalidas V.

Designation  : Cad Engineer

Qualification: Master of Engineering (CAD/CAM)


ME Dissertation Project (2006):


“Stress Intensity Factor for radial cracks around cylinders subjected to axial   loading- A Parametric study using Boundary Element Method”


Internal (University) Guide: Mr. R. Ganesh Kumar




Fail safe or damaged tolerant design is assuming greater importance in the present day engineering design and development practice particularly in aircraft, spacecraft, marine and automotive industries. The important fracture mechanics parameters required to used in damaged tolerant design are, Stress Intensity Factor (SIF) in case of brittle fracture dealt by linear fracture mechanics (LEFM) and j-integrals in case of ductile fracture analyzed by Elasto Plastic Fracture Mechanics (EPFM).


Cylindrical structures of common occurrence in engineering design. Radial cracks may gradually develop in these cylindrical structures under prolonged service conditions if they are subjected to dynamic axial loading. Hence, an estimation of singular stress field around the radial crack and associated Stress Intensity Factor (SIF) becomes imperative for a valid damage tolerant analysis to ensure structural integrity and safety.


   In contrast to Finite Element Technique, the Boundary Element Method provides more accurate results to elasto-static problems because of their ability to exactly satisfy the free boundary conditions and infinite domain modeling capabilities. Further, the order of the problem is reduced in such a way that the computational effort is reduced without compensating the accuracy. The Boundary Element Analysis will be carried out using a classical code compiled from the source code with the associated subroutines. The main aim of the project work is to analyze the singular stress field and to evaluate the Stress Intensity Factor for radial crack around cylinder using Boundary Element Method.  


Key Words: Radial crack, Stress Intensity Factor, Boundary Element Method



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