S. M. Vijay Kumar

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M.Tech. (Machine Design), 2004 (First Class with Distinction; 72.25%)                                             S.J.I.C.T., Chickballapur, Vishveshwaraya Technical University, Karnataka.

 B. E (Mechanical) (First Class with Distinction; 75.5%)                                            

Vijayanagar Engg. College, Bellary, Gulburga University, Karnataka.  


M.Tech Project Work (2004):


“Vibration Characteristics of Isotropic and Orthotropic (Composite) Plates with and

With-out cutouts and Stress Stiffening effects – An FEM Investigation”




Composite materials are gaining increasing importance in the present day Engineering design and development activity[1]. This is due to their very attractive mechanical behaviour and properties. They posses very high strength to weight ratio and stiffness to weight ratio. They offer high thermal and wear resistance, their strengths and stiffness can be tailor made for required applications.


A successful design and application of composite materials in Engineering requires knowledge and their vibration characteristics under different operating conditions. In real life application, the composite plates invariably poses geometrical cutouts introduced for functional purposes. These geometrical cutouts will have a strong bearing on the vibration characteristics of the composite plates.


The objectives of the research work were:


1.      To carryout a comprehensive literature survey on the material constitute behaviour of orthotropic composite materials, vibration characteristics of isotropic rectangular plates with and without cutouts.


2.      To carryout a detailed parametric studies, to investigate natural frequencies and mode shapes of rectangular plates with and without pre-stressing effects.


3.      To investigate vibration characteristics of rectangular composite plates with and without cutouts and having different aspect ratio’s and edge boundary conditions using Finite element techniques.


The investigations were carried out using the front end commercial software  ANSYS 7.1 with its vibration analysis capabilities. SHELL elements were used in the FEM formulation of the problem, the obtained solutions were compared with the published results[4] which shows a good agreement.


Important Results of the Investigation:



Professional experience:


One year of work experience in Computer Aided Engineering and Design. Working experience in FE Analysis using ANSYS (Structural, Composites, Modal and Harmonic).


Trainee Engineer, Proton Technologies Inc., Bangalore (Mar-2004 to Oct-2004).


Lecturer, M S Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies (March-2005 to till date).


   Job Responsibilities:


§         Managing FEA projects in vibration analysis and other mechanical and structural finite element projects using front end commercial software ANSYS.


§         Also managing the training division by organizing the suitable resources for the concerned topics.




“Pre-stress effects on the Vibration Characteristics of a Connecting Rod of an IC Engine”, Proc., National conference NACAMES-2004


This paper presents the results of Finite Element investigations conducted to study the Vibration Characteristics of a Connecting Rod of an IC engine of a two-wheeler vehicle considering pre-stress effects. The front-end commercial software ANSYS with its modal analysis capabilities was used in these investigations. A parametric study was carried out by varying the pre-stress levels in the operating speed range of the vehicle. The natural frequencies gradually increase with increasing pre-stress magnitudes.


Software skills:


Operating system: Ms-Dos, Win 9x and 2000

Programming Languages: C, C++ and Java    


Other Qualification:

Diploma in Information and Software Management (DISM) at APTECH.



Nationality: Indian; Marital Status: Single;  Languages: Kannada, English, Telugu and Hindi


Contact Details:


Address: # 2451, 10th Main, ‘D’ Block, Rajajinagar, 2nd stage, Bangalore 560 010


Cell: + 91- 9845707303;  E-mail: vizaysm@yahoo.co.in





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