Name: N. Vinod Kumar

Designation: Scientist

                                                 Qualification: M.E. (Thermal Science)


ME Dissertation Project:


“Heat transfer analysis of internal combustion engine

cylinder block -- finite element study”



Heat transfer between the working fluid and the combustion chamber in an internal combustion engine is one of the most important parameters for cycle simulation and analysis. The heat transfer influences the in cylinder pressure and temperature levels, engine efficiency and exhaust emissions.


Heat transfer measurements within internal combustion engines have become increasingly important with the drive towards higher efficiencies and cleaner exhaust emissions as well as increased energy levels at the exhaust for turbo-charging. Although internal combustion engines have been studied for many years the combustion chamber temperature and heat transfer rates have been investigated to a lesser extent.


During a combustion cycle the peak gas temperature can reach levels around 2500 K. The metal components of the combustion chamber can withstand approximately 600 K for cast iron and 500 K for aluminum alloys (Lim, 1998). Hence, cooling of the cylinder head, block and piston is required. The heat flux levels experienced in a combustion chamber varies both spatially and periodically and reaches levels as high as several MW/m2. Indeed this can lead to local regions with high thermal stresses resulting in cracking of the components. Furthermore, lubrication of the cylinder walls is achieved with a film of oil, which will deteriorate above approximately 450 K.


The objectives of present investigations were:


·        To determine a suitable heat transfer correlation for the present study by a comprehensive literature survey.

·        To create an approximate geometric model of the cylinder block using the solid modeling software CATIA V5 R14.

·        To convert the geometric model into corresponding FEM model by meshing the model using the software Hyper mesh V7.

·        To carry out a heat transfer analysis under different operating condition of 2 strokes IC engine cylinder block.


A parametric study was carried out by considering different speeds of the engine. FEM techniques will be used in the investigation. The front-end commercial software ANSYS 7.0 will be used for the analysis.


Some typical results of the investigation:






Seeking a position to utilize my skills and abilities in the Industry that offers security and Professional growth while being resourceful, innovative and flexible.



§  M.E. (Thermal Science and Engineering), from U.V.C.E, Bangalore University, Karnataka, 2006.

§  B.E. (Mechanical) from BIT, Visvesvaraya Technological University, Karnataka, 2003.



Languages:  C, CNC Programming.

Packages: MS Office, NISA, CATIA (V5R11).



·        Theory of Elasticity.

·        Finite Element Method.

·        Theory of Plasticity.

·        Tribology.

·        Gas dynamics and Jet propulsion.

·        CIM.



Father’s Name: Manje Gowda E; DOB: 18-12-1981; Sex: Male; Martial Status: Single; Nationality: Indian; Languages Known: Kannada, English and Hindi;



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