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Traditional and Alternative Therapies A-G

Where available we will list providers in Arizona for each topic.
*Please note: a treatment being listed here does not indicate our endorsement of the treatment. Please do your own thorough research before trying any of them.
If you have updated information on providers for any of the treatments listed here or new treatments please contact us so we can keep our list up to date. If you have tried any of these treatments and would like to add a comment, please contact us.


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Adeli Suit Therapy
The Adeli suit: Designed by the Russian space program for cosmonauts to maintain muscle tone in a weightless environment, it's been modified to help people with cerebral palsy.
How it works: The form-fitting suit, equipped with adjustable, elastic bands, is designed to put the body in proper alignment. "It's an interesting concept," says Dr. Edward Dabrowski, codirector of neurology and rehabilitation medicine at Children's Hospital of Michigan. "I affectionately call it a bungee cord suit. If a child has cerebral palsy and doesn't have motor control, it acts as a restriction of where that limb will go." Patients are then put through rigorous physical therapy to help "re-train" the brain to understand the signals from the correct movements of muscles.
Quote: "The brain is like a computer," says Richard Koscielny, a West Bloomfield physical therapist. "It's programmed to tell the muscles how to operate. But a virus has infected that computer and destroyed the program, so the muscles don't know how to work. The suit puts the child in an environment where the muscles can work properly. It creates a feedback system where the muscle and brain are working together."-A Step of Faith
Links for more info:
A Step of Faith

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Amino Acids
Results of a two year study using
Amino acids to treat Cerebral Palsy.

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Aqua Therapy
Aquatic therapy is used for the treatment of individuals with a number of orthopedic, neurological and chronic pain conditions. People with fibromyalgia, amputations, and neurological conditions such as stroke and head injuries also benefit from aquatic therapy. Aquatic therapy is beneficial because water buoyancy reduces stress on joins, the tactile stimulation desensitizes traumatized tissue and the hydrostatic pressure reduces swelling.
Oasis Rehab Center- adaptive swimming and aquatic therapy
*Recommended reading:
Water Exercise for Therapy & Fitness
Floating Swimwear

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Assistive Technology
Assistive Technology refers to any device or piece of equipment that allows an individual with disabilities to interact with his/her environment in a more functional way. Assistive devices may include low-tech solutions, environmental adaptations, high tech communication devices or computers, and anything in between. There are many types of assistive technology devices that can empower the lives of individuals with disabilities.

*Recommended reading:
Guide to Assistive Technologies
Arizona Technology Access Program
Southwest Human Development
Write Out Loud
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Baclofen Oral/Pump
Baclofen is a muscle relaxant and antispasmodic that works by inhibiting the nervous system. Its precise mechanism of action is unknown although it is thought to inhibit the transmission of impulses between nerve cells. When taken by mouth and in order to obtain therapeutic levels the cerebrospinal fluid, relatively large amounts of the drug are needed. Since it is a nervous system inhibitor, in high doses, it can affect the action of nerve cells in the brain and cause confusion, drowsiness, dizziness, and difficulties with gait and balance. At high doses it is also reported to have caused problems with breathing and with heart and kidney function.
UCPA Baclofen Fact Sheet
In order to offset the effects of high oral doses, a technique has been developed that uses a pump about the size of a hockey puck. The Baclofen Pump is a new neurosurgical technique designed to reduce contraction of muscles. The Federal Government, through its Food and Drug Administration, has approved the use of this technique.
For moreinfo on how the pump works visit:
Baclofen Pump- Dr. David A. Herz
For some reason Arizona is behind in getting information and approval for this treatment to the people who need it. Ask your neuro if it could work for you.
Nat's Place You MUST see this amazing woman's story.
Pediatric info
Arizona Providers

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Botox Injections
The use of Botulinum-A toxin in cerebral palsy patients may eliminate or postpone the necessity for surgery in selected patients. Patients with dynamic heel cord contractures associated with knee recurvatum or varus hind foot that cannot be managed by therapy, medication, and bracing need surgery unless another treatment modality is available. The use of toxin in these patients may allow bracing to be effective, thus eliminating surgery or allowing the surgery to be postponed until a time when repeat surgery will not be necessary.
Botulinum-A toxin can be administered non-invasively in non-anesthetized patients in an office setting.
Botox in spasticity management

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Conductive Education
Conductive Education is a system of educational practices, the aim of which is to "stimulate a developmental process that would not come about spontaneously, and which would continue subsequently" (Hari & Tillermans, 1984). It's principles were developed in Hungary 45 years ago. The program is goal oriented (performing a task) and does not focus on the cause of a disability. Goals are established from an analysis of the tasks to be learned and are structured around the child's underlying abilities. The enhancement of motivation and self-esteem are principle approaches. The primary objectives of Conductive Education are to promote maximum independence and the ability to enter school, the workplace and the community without the use of mechanical or electronic aids. Although directed at a large number of disabilities, children with disabilities due to cerebral palsy are a major group to whom this methodology has been applied. Sites where Conductive Education are offered have been established in several countries, including the United States.-UCPA
Conductive Education Information Home Page
Beginning Steps to Independence
PO BOX 53613 San Jose, CA 95153-0613
(408)371-5620 Beginning Steps to Independence
*Recommended reading: Conductive Education Training Manual for Children with Motor Disorders

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Constipation- natural remedies

Facts about AloeVera
Parent recommended: Benefiber- does not alter the consistency, aroma, or flavor of foods or beverages. Order at 1-800-438-6153
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Craniosacral Therapy
Palpation (touch by the practitioner) is used both to observe and treat dysfunctions in the craniosacral system, which includes the head, spinal column, and sacrum in one continuous membranous sheath. This system has its own pulse for circulating the cerebrospinal fluid (six to twelve cycles per minute) and the practitioner can feel the rate, amplitude, symmetry, and quality of the rhythm. Corrective pressure of only about five grams (the weight of a nickel) is applied to various areas to promote the re-establishment of a normal, symmetrical pattern of pulsation throughout the system. This in turn allows more efficient functioning of the entire nervous system throughout the body.-from the book:
Upledger Institute
Touch of Freedom
The American Holistic Health Assoc. Complete Guide to Alternative Medicine

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Drooling is a medical condition. It is not a disease, or an illness, but may be a symptom of some underlying illness or condition.- Check out for treatment information.

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Feeding Tubes & Buttons
There is so much information for this section! We have put in the links that most parents recommend for you to visit for now and hopefully in the future we can develop our own page.
Nyer Nutritionals- Phoenix
Feeding Gastronomy Home page
Care of Enteral Feeding Tubes
Nutrition and the child with a G-tube

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Feldenkrais Method
The Feldenkrais method is named after its creator, the Russian-born Israeli physicist, Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984). Besides being a scientist who worked on nuclear research and antisubmarine technology, he was also a judo master and an excellent soccer player. After developing a chronic knee problem in the 1940s that was very painful, he decided to explore the body's functions as a way of avoiding surgery. Drawing on the work of the mind/body pioneer Frederick Matthias Alexander, founder of the Alexander technique, Feldenkrais combined his knowledge of martial arts with neurology, physiology, anatomy, and psychology to create a new system. His method helps people create more efficient movement by combining movement training, gentle touch, and verbal dialogue. He eventually taught himself to walk again without pain.
More info

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G Therapy is a pioneering treatment for a variety of Neurodevelopmental disabilities like Cerebral Palsy, Mental Subnormality, etc. Invented by Dr. Gunvant Oswal, an integrated practitioner in Ayurveda and Allopathy, the treatment involves intake of a special combination of herbal extracts in potentised form and salts of body.-from Dr.Oswal's site
Laura's G Therapy story

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