What is Respite care?

Overview of the DDD Voucher Program

Arizona Respite Providers

If you know of any resources that should be on the list or any that are no longer providing services, please contact us.

Northland Family Help Center Flagstaff
(520) 774-1375
Northland Family Help Center Flagstaff
(520) 774-4503
West Valley Child Crisis Center Glendale
(602) 848-8863
Gila County ARC Globe (602) 425-6053

Child Crisis Center-- East Valley Inc. Mesa
(602) 969-2308
Aid to Adoption of Special Kids - AZ Phoenix
AZTEC-Phoenix west of I-17 (602)412-2888
Arcadia- Phoenix (602)957-1191
Arise- Phoenix (602)497-1889
AZ Mentor- Phoenix (602)200-9494
BRITE- Phoenix (602)254-2785
Bowie Health Force- Phoenix (602)266-9971
C.A.P.- Phoenix (602)569-0830
C.A.S.S.- Phoenix (602)253-9588
Community Information and Referral Phoenix
C.P.E.S- Phoenix (602)431-9511
Creative Networks- Phoenix (602)863-4400
Crisis Nursery, Inc. Phoenix (602) 273-7363
Depue, Marti- Phoenix (602)863-4400
Firstat Nursing- Phoenix (602)331-1100
Good Shepard Lutheran Home- Phoenix (602)532-9715
Hope Group- Phoenix (602)820-8373
M.A.R.C.- Phoenix (602)969-3800
Parents Time Out- Phoenix (602)460-1200
Residential Alternatives- (602)252-5544
Signature Home Health Care Phoenix (602) 848-5101
The Center for Habilitation- Phoenix (602)838-8111
Tungland Corp- Phoenix (602)224-5052
United Cerebral Palsy- Phoenix (602)943-5472

American Medical Plaza Tucson (602) 325-3966
Arizona Dept. of Economic Security Tucson
Casa De Los Niņos Tucson (520) 624-5600
La Hacienda Tucson (520) 296-5551
Open-Inn, Inc. Tucson (520) 670-9040
Our Town Family Center Tucson (800) 537-8696

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In 1992, in response to requests from families to develop a voucher system, the Division of Developmental Disabilities implemented a pilot project. From what was learned during the implementation of this project, with modifications and system refinements, the Voucher Program continues to be a viable option for families.
The Voucher Program is based on the following assumptions:
1. Fostering family empowerment, choice and decision making in acquiring services leads to improved quality and efficiency.
2. Strengthening families with the least amount of governmental intrusion possible provides the best opportunities for people with disabilities. The Voucher Program is a consumer driven means of accessing authorized services regardless of funding sources.
General Information:
1. Services available on the Voucher are: Attendant Care (ATC), Habilitation (HAH), Housekeeping (HSK), and Respite (RSP). (Nursing Respite is not included)
2.With the Voucher Program, the District authorizes the family to receive the services instead of authorizing a specific provider to provide the services. A generic authorization provider number is used which allows the family to select certified, contracted providers (agency or independent) without getting additional specific authorizations from the Case Manager.
3.One of the greatest values of the Voucher is the flexibility of authorizations. Families can utilize both service agencies and/or independent providers.
4.The District will supply a Provider Directory listing of both the certified independent providers that choose to be listed and contracted agencies that are certified.
5.There are Resource Coordinators assigned to the West, Central and East areas who will assist the families, Support Coordinators (Case Managers) and providers with all aspects of the voucher process.
The District does not actively recruit and train independent providers nor participate in scheduling; however, independent providers may access regularly scheduled classes offered by the District on a space-available basis. At this time, independent providers are paid once a month. They are responsible for paying their own taxes. Social Security, Unemployment Insurance and Workman ' s Compensation.
The Voucher Program is available to all persons with authorized voucher-type services (i.e., ATC, HAH, RSP, etc.) in the DDD system, regardless of funding eligibility (Title XIX or DD-only).
Families interested in participating in the Voucher Program should contact their Support Coordinators (Case Managers).

Arizona Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD)

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