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Children with CP
Synopsis of Children With Cerebral Palsy "The author, whose son has cerebral palsy, explains how to manage the disorder and explores the advances and new opportunities for children."

Changed By a Child
: Parents share their stories

big sis

Synopses of I'm The Big Sister Now: Nine-year-old Michelle describes the joys, loving times, difficulties, and other special situations involved in living with her older sister Amy Emmert, who was born severely disabled with cerebral palsy. "Michelle Emmert is the younger sister of Amy, who is severely handicapped with cerebral palsy. Michelle explains what it is like living with someone who 'cannot sit up, use her hands, walk, talk, read, write, or do anything a normal child can do.' . . . Grades three to five." (Booklist)

From The Publisher of Keys to Parenting a Child with Cerebral Palsy: The everyday experience of raising a child with cerebral palsy is spelled out here with advice on helping the child become as independent as possible, providing education and occupational training, and making provisions for the child's social, emotional, and financial future.

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Howie Critter Arnie Acorn People
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