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Greers Goop to heal skin breakdown

Mix Nystatin (need a prescription), hydrocortesone, and zinc.- equal parts
you need a container to keep it in..
and to keep from contamination use a gloved
finger or tongue suppressor to spread it and then
use something clean for more if needed.
Works very quickly.**Very improtant to keep from contamination!
Maryland CPN RD
Maryland CPN site

Feeding button tips from parents:

An interesting fact about the Bard button vs. the mic key button, that I just found out (and also is the reason I switched to the mic key)..the bard button lasts for about six months, sometimes less, sometimes more. The Mic-Key button lasts about two months, sometimes more. What I did not know until the other day is that while the bard may last is extremelypainful for the child to have it changed, and only a doctor can do it.(Actually I knew this, but didn't know the Mic Key was any different) There is no way to numb the child, and when removing the bard button, lots of nerves are affected and send shooting severe pains, although they are fine immediately afterwards. The Mic-Key button is painless (well, as painless as it can be) to be changed, and can be done at home by the parents. Just something I'm sure all parents choosing a button would like to be informed of.
Florida CPN RD
Pediatric Stroke Network

My son has a mic-key button but he started out with a gtube that hung outside and the dr was the only one that could replace this but there was another problem with this type of gtube- it can migrate in and cause A LOT of pain and problems this is what happen to my son and they wouldnt listen to me he would scream in pain and everytime i fed him it would come out the other end just as fast because the gtube had went into his bowel(migrated) so they really removed this fast and put in a mic-key button. We replace corys only when the balloon that holds it breaks so it will last almost a yr. So we use 2 a yr. And cory laughs at me when i replace it must tickle. LOL. We do have problems with the mic-key leaking around the site and sometimes i can stop this by filling up the balloon more. He is also red around it a lot due to his stomache contents leaking out. I just use soap and water to wash around the area. Sometimes using other things can cause more problems.
Wisconsin CPN RD
Wisconsin CPN site

You can put tape on the outside by the stoma to keep it from migrating too far in like make a little roll of tape around the tube and keep wrapping it until you have the desired thickness.. that keeps it from traveling too far in.. have to make sure there's no KY or anything on the tube though, or the tape won't stick.
Betadine is the only thing I've ever used for Danielle's GT site and it looks as good as my pierced ear.. We found that the peroxide and sterile saline irritated and the peroxide treats new skin growth like foreign matter, hampering the healing process
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