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The furniture shown below was made in China the material used is annotated along with the age of each piece. Each piece is unique and hand crafted, adding flair and sence of timlessness to any room.

Platform Bed
This bed is newly designed and constructed, made of solid antique elm. It comes with a new matress.

180cm x 220cm x 35cm

Long Table
This Long Table is made of Cypress and is 280 years old. The detailed view shows the hand carved dragons. The full view also shows the detailed work on the legs. A must see.

Long Table
286cm x 50cm x 90cm

Long Table Detailed View
Detailed View

Tea Tables
This matched set of walnut tea tables are 150 years old. Both are in excelent condition.
$219.00 each

Tea Tables
41cm x 41cm x 69cm

Small Table
This small table is made of elm and is 120 years old. Great for a night satnd on a low platform bed.

Small Table
61cm x 61cm x 52cm

Classic Antique Bed
This is a beautiful hand made bed in great shape. It is 150 years old.

213cm x 151cm x 48cm

Wash Stand
This wash table is 150 years old and made of very hard wood.

Washing Stand
72cm x 45cm x 80cm

Tea Tables
This matched set of elm tea tables are 130 years old. Both are in excelent condition.
$200.00 each

Tea Tables
54cm x 54cm x 55cm

This 120 year old bed is made of solid elm. It comes without a matress but a futon is recomended.

Single Bed
203cm x 71cm x 53cm

Long Table
This long table is of recent design and manufacture, and is made od solid elm.

Long Table
156cm x 34cm x 80cm

Dinning Table
This one of a kind table was made from an antique door.

Dinning Table
200cm x 90cm x 80cm

Tea Table
This 120 year old tea table is made of poplar and is lovely. A very traditional piece.

Tea Table
62cm x 62cm x 25cm

If you are interested in one of the items please let us know, pieces are being asside for those who are serious.
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