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Have some fun. Fly a kite with someone you love.

All kites are hand painted and are made of bamboo and rice paper.

Chinese Opra Mask Kite
Approx. 2m wide

Chinese Opra Maks Kite

Butterfly Kite
This beautifully painted kite is about 70cm wide


Ornate Bird Kite
This small kite is about 35cm wide, perfect for a young flyer.

Ornate Bird Design

Birds & Bugs Kites

Birds & Bugs Kites

Top-approx. 100cm wide, $3.63
Middle-approx. 80cm wide, $2.91
Bottom-approx. 110cm wide, $2.18

Hawk Kite
This Kite is 160cm wide


Colorful Bird Kite
This kite is about 37cm wide and perfect for the young flyer.

Colorful BirdKite

Take Off! Flying a kite is a great weekend activity, good for the entire family.
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