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The highest quality incense direct from China

These fine incense come in Aloe, Green Tea, Jasmine, Juniper, Lily, Rose, Sandalwood, and Violet.

Box Of Three Scents
This handsome wooden box of three scents is a nice gift idea, each stick is 11cm long. 

Box Of Three Scents

Incense Leaves In 3 Scents
This box has incense leaves in three different scents. 15 pieces per box.

Incense Leaves In Three Scents

Stick Incense (No Wood)
These sticks are made of rolled incense, there is on wood stick inside to mask the true scent. 36 pieces per box 20cm long.

Stick Incense (No Wood)

Incense Variety Box
This box comes with a wide variety of scents, each stick is 11cm long.

Incense Varitey Box

Large Incense Coils In 3 Scents
These large incense coils burn slowly to give that scent you like for a long time yet not over powering. 9 pieces per box.

Large Incense Coils In Three Scents

Box Of 4 Scents
This assortment of four scents is a great gift idea, each stick is 16cm long. 

Assortment Of Four Scents

Cones & Sticks In An Assortment Of Scents
This box comes with cones, sticks without wood and sticks with. A great selection of scents.

Cones & Sticks In An Assortment of Scents

A Great Gift Idea!
Smells Like A Good Idea! 
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