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HOLIDAY Betty Boop
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Betty Boop Birthday (3331 bytes) bba-5.gif (31593 bytes) bba-31.gif (8541 bytes)

Betty Boop Valentine's Day/Sweetest Day

Be Mine

Betty Boop in Heart with Red Roses

I Just Want To Be Loved By You! Betty Boop sitting on a heart.

Pudgy giving Betty Boop a Kiss...SMACK

Bimbo, Betty Boop and Pudgy

bba-28.gif (97315 bytes)
Betty Boop and Bimbo

bba-22.gif (61745 bytes) bbh3.gif (14570 bytes) bbh12-lmf.jpg (15088 bytes)
Betty Boop and Pudgy

bbh11-lmf.jpg (12228 bytes) bbh6-lmf.jpg (13691 bytes) bbh7-lmf.jpg (21685 bytes)
bbh9-lmf.jpg (9224 bytes) bba-21.gif (88574 bytes)

Original Valentines Day Betty Boop Avatars

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FREE Betty Boop Avatars / Graphics / Pics / Gifs

Betty Boop St. Patrick's Day

Original St. Paddy's Day Betty Boop Avatars

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Betty Boop Easter

bba-34.gif (100654 bytes) bba-35.gif (56865 bytes)

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FREE Betty Boop Easter / Animated Gifs / Graphics / Pics / Jpegs at The Betty Boop Pictures Archive

Betty Boop 4th of July/Independence Day

bbh2.gif (92981 bytes)

Betty Boop Halloween

Betty Boop Witch
bb-v.gif (56557 bytes) bba-36.gif (293209 bytes) bbh7.gif (68167 bytes)

Betty Boop Christmas

bbc.jpg (42043 bytes)
Betty Boop sitting on Santa Claus's lap

bbc1.gif (9711 bytes)
Santa Betty and Wreath

bbh4r.gif (15236 bytes) bbh4g.gif (16229 bytes) bbh4b.gif (16275 bytes) bbh4lb.gif (14838 bytes) bbh4lr.gif (13010 bytes)
Betty Boop in Santa Suit with Pudgy

Betty Boop

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