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The Exodus Crossing Point

          How many Egyptians dwelling in Egypt their whole lives know where the Israelites crossed over the Red Sea?   Probably virtually none.   Yet Scripture and an old or new topographical map make it very, very obvious as to the precise location.   See Exodus 13:19-22; 14:2,9; then take a lexicon and look up the meanings of Succoth, Etham, Pihahiroth, Migdol, and Baalzephon.   Consider yourself walking along the South side of the North Galalla Plateau (about 3 days journey).   Then when you reach the Gulf of Suez (modern name) you will have reached the narrows about 12 miles in width, the shoreline there extends for about 20 miles North-South.   Then turn and look at the North Galalla Plateau and note the rather large (tall) pillar (Migdol) on the East end of that Plateau..   Thus, at that point you will be standing in the mouth of the gorges, the Israelite encampment site.

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