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2Take with Richard Thompson,
Summer 2002.
Say, isn't that a 2Take Tim CD in Richard's hand?

Tim is a real, authenticated Texas singer-songwriter, although he's spent a good deal of time in New Orleans, playing with Dave Sharp & The Hard Travelers and as a solo artist. He didn't leave his heart there. He actually FOUND it there, pulsing with the beat of Satchmo, Zydeco, The Meters and that old Gris-Gris, and buzzing like a hundred neon signs or, if you prefer, a hundred drunks on Bourbon Street. The Great Adventure of...took our boy from the 504 (as the homeboys call it) on a MUSICAL trip to Ireland and back into his beloved Lone Star State. Texas is where he once- not too long ago- owned and managed a Music Hall. He also started his first band, Rise & Run, there. He reckons that on most days, he'd rather be in Austin.
Tim is of the opinion that the music should do the talking, but here are a few more facts that the music may or may not divulge:
He was born 13 days before the JFK assassination, which makes him a Scorpio. He and his wife LEELA are the proud parents of MOLLY GRACE , who was born on the First Day of Spring, 2001. He loves Sushi and a pint of Old Peculier or Bodington's. Current favorite CDs include Joe Strummer's "Streetcore" and Television's "Marquee Moon" remaster. Also: The Fall, Fela Kuti, Abdullah Ibrahim and Bob Wills.
Current favorite film: Lost In Translation.

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