Redditch Folk Club
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Looking backward...

History of Redditch Folk Club:

I gather the club started over 25 years ago, and at its peak had turnouts of as many as a hundred people. The club has thus far spent most of its life in the White Hart, but due to changes of landlords etc has been all over Redditch recently (Rocklands social club, Sportsman's arms) before coming to rest in the current venue.
The club spawned a festival, which I believe started out as the Four Fools (now somewhere else entirely). In 2000, the festival moved from Redditch to Alcester, where it has grown wonderfully.


There's about twenty of us most Saturdays, and we probably have one of the youngest clubs in the country. We welcome any sort of traditional music, or song, singer songwriters, poets, story tellers - we'll give anything a go.

Traditional songs, music, stories and poetry.