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Everything you might possibly want to know about Redditch Folk Club should be in here somewhere, and if it isn't, please ask!
The Folk Club is a group of people who gather together to sing and play traditional music, tell the odd story, and once a month, listen to professionals. We welcome anyone who wants to participate, and anyone who wants to listen. The venue is child friendly, but you have to bring your own drinks.
The Folk Club is a members only club - if you want to become a member, it is free but you have to get in touch - either phone 01527 545560 or email to get the ball rolling. If you turn up on the door without having contacted me first, the odds are I'm going to turn you away (unless I know you personally.) It may be harsh, but we really seriously do have to be members only. I am not putting directions, or even the location of the venue in the hopes that this will mean everyone who fancies coming along remembers to mail me first!
Events to come, events passed, directions and other useful stuff will be on the site somewhere.

It appears that the new legislation regarding pulbic entertainment will not require not-for-profit events to have licenses, which means that most folk music should be off the hook. I'm living in hope, at any rate.

Informtaion about the PEL legislation

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Traditional songs, music, stories and poetry.