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   We have 20 Boy Scouts, 5 leaders and a very active and committed Troop Committee.  We are organized into patrols that actively control and implement our weekly program. 

The Faith United Methodist Church is our sponsor. 

555's History

   The origin of Troop 555 can be traced to several Lancaster Boy Scout Troops, first chartered prior to 1922, who merged to form Troop 55 in 1922.  From then until the late 1930's, Troop 55 was the only scout troop in the Lancaster area. Troop 55 was continuously re-chartered as a boy scout troop through the 1954-55 year.  With the troop re-chartering for the 1955-56 year, records show Troop 55 became Troop 555.

  Sometime in 1936 or 1937, records indicate Troop 55 was given permission by the council to incorporate the use of the pioneersí wagon into its insignia and neckerchiefs.  That same insignia is used by Troop 555 today.

  Over the years, Troops 55 and 555 benefited from the involvement of many dedicated and caring leaders.  Among those leaders were two brothers, William and George Kinkaed.  Both of those men provided many years of leadership to Troop 55.  William Kinkaedís leadership tenure stretched into Troop 555.  The creativity, persistence and devotion by Scoutmasters Richard Lemke, William McKeel, Edward Trznadel, Arthur Woods, Kevin Hammann, William Kinkaed and George Kinkaed is the reason Troop 555 has reached over 75 years of service to the Lancaster, N.Y. community.


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