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Camping VITALS


1.        Sleeping bag or equivalent- stow in a Stuff Sack and then secure to the pack frame. K-Mart or Target has Stuff Sacks for $3-$5. They also carry the pack straps with quick release clips to secure to the frame.  Pack items in large Zip Loc bags.

2.        Flashlight with two sets of extra batteries.

3.        Mess Kit- should be metal as it will be used to cook in. (heat Proof cup, too) Will be used for 2 meals.

4.        Silverware.

5.        Canteen or water bottle.

6.        Backpack or equivalent.

7.        Camera, if desired.

8.        Hanger for uniform.

9.        Sleeping pad or air mattress.

10.    Small pillow if desired.

11.    Day Pack- to carry badge materials, towels, etc.

12.     Clothes pins.

13.      Bug repellant.

14.     Sunblock.

15.     Sunglasses. if desired.


1.        Full uniform- beret, neckerchief, etc.  This is to be worn to camp and will be worn for breakfast and dinner daily.

2.        Jacket- lightweight- for summer evening usage.

3.        Poncho or raincoat (NO GARBAGE BAGS)- stow in the map pocket (large flat pocket) on the pack flap or on the top inside.

4.        Leather hiking Boots or equivalent—hiking variety is best. (Waterproof)Leather hiking Boots or equivalent—hiking variety is best. (Waterproof).

5.        Sneakers.

6.        Troop t-shirts, Class B Grey w/555 logo, Air Force Museum Shirts, or equiv.

7.         Socks—I pair per day and two extra pair.

8.         Underwear—recommend one set per day and two extra sets.

9.         Jeans-~ 3 pairs.

10.     Sweatshirts- one- weather appropriate.

11.     Swim Trunks and towels.

Other Necessities!

1.        Any necessary medications- these MUST he turned in to a leader to keep!

2.        Signed and completed permission slip and medical release form.

3.        Towels, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, and shower supplies.

4.        Spending Money – amount @ parent’s discretion leaders will – amount @ parent’s discretion leaders will put in Zip Lock bag & label with name. 

5.        Paper, pens (at least three), knife, handbook, notebook, matches.

6.        Completed pre-requisites for your merit badges and your schedule for the week.





Camping Vitals




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