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Kei Maxwell(head Webmistress/head of conspiracies/BP Militia/ Pimp)   OR OR(there's another or!)    OR(wahh! stop the or's!!!!)

Draco Drogen (Local Ryuujin and Head of Dragon Militia/ Lacky)

Raven Anarchy (head of sex jokes and 'Buffy' fandom Militia/ Goon)

Marejia Amekista (Out of area undercover agent/ninja spy)

Sparkles the Pixie Queen (Local Pixie and head of Pixie Militia/ manslut)

Fenomka Byonzi(DJ of Naveed and Music Diva/ Head of Wiggity-wiggity Militia/ whore)

Reluna Jiazama (Child of Luna/ Head of Man-whore Militia/ the man-whore)

Gwenivier (Maire of Gleannmara)

Luana Yameri (Local Transform-to-cat-were-person and head of Were-cat Militia/ chauffer)

Zion (Head of Fire Destruction Militia and President of Destructive Tendencies Anonymous/ tease)

Gumby (Head of Stuck-in-Closet Militia/ bodyguard)
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Shiney Happy Hippie (Head of Hippie Militia/ Toni the cronie)
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Steve (head of Multiple Personality Militia)
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Daniel (Tatsujin(master;expert) of overpowering Puppy-dog looks)
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