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April 2000

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Added Sunday, April 30, 2000
Site Update
I've added Rush and The Goldberg Variation to my Episode Guide.

Added Saturday, April 29, 2000
Weekly Update

Added Tuesday, April 25, 2000
Next Update and Friends
I'll be away from home for the rest of this week so the next update won't be until Saturday.

One piece of news I stumbled over though was an Elle Macpherson story about her hating guest-starring on "Friends" in the Sunday Telegraph last week which I didn't take any notice of at the time. I was throwing the paper in the bin yesterday and it just happened to fall open at that story and I noticed David Duchovny was also in the story, having also (according to the story) guest-starred on Friends and hated the experience. His quote:
Maybe it would be good for the cast of Friends to have group therapy.

Added Sunday, April 23, 2000
Alternate Realities
Remember I mentioned Alternate Realities a while back? Well on the last Sunday of this month (30th April) they will be screening new X-Files episodes. It's not confirmed yet, but possibly the double Closure episodes. The venue is Granville RSL in Sydney and it starts at 11am. It costs $10 for non members...well worth the time to see the show in advance. Thanks Crystal. Got it on time this time!!

Final Destination
Final Destination has been in Australian cinemas for just over a week now. It's the creation of former X-Files writer/producers James Wong (director) and Glen Morgan (co-writer/producer) and in the cast are Chad Donella from Hungry and Kristin Cloke from The Field Where I Died. The plot which could easily have passed as an X-File, has an official website, www.deathiscoming.com. There have been plenty of X-Files mentions in the various newspaper reviews over the past week.

DVD Collection
The X-Files DVD Season One collection which is being released in America on May 5 is scheduled for an Australian release in November this year. Cool! Thanks Lyle from his The X-Files Merchandise Web Site and ausxfnews.

Regarding my news on the new season four tapes below, Lyle from The X-Files Merchandise Web Site has written to me to clarify the situation. The Cancer tape he has (comprising the Leonard Betts and Momento Mori episodes) was actually a Fox Studios promo tape in NTSC format. I was curious because my sister visted Fox Studios recently and asked about the tape for me -- but no-one there had any news at all on the tape and it definitely wasn't for sale!

The World Of Ted Serios
Ted who? Chris Carter may soon be directing his first feature film, The World of Ted Serios. Remember the episode Unruhe? Mulder mentions Ted Serios, the man who could project his thoughts onto unexposed film negatives. The film follows the tale of the psychologist who studies Serios. From The Ultimate X-Files Information Complex.

Site Update
I've updated my Links page again and added extra information to The Hungry and Millennium episodes.

Added Friday, April 21, 2000
Video News
The next wave of X-Files videos are 'Home/Small Potatoes', 'Leonard Betts/Momento Mori' and 'Unruhe/Paper Hearts' which will be released on May 24. Thanks Fiona on ausxfnews. The Leonard Betts/Momento Mori release is of interest because it was supposedly only ever going to be available to purchase from the Fox Studios in Sydney.

Minor Update
Nothing much else to report this week. Last weekend's Sunday Telegraph had a two page story on David Duchovny. I've updated my Links page.

Added Monday, April 17, 2000
X-Files Schedule
As well as this week's repeat of season six episode Drive, Channel Ten has decided to drag out season seven by another week, with a repeat of Rain King on April 26. That means the two episodes mentioned yesterday should now air on May 24 and 31.

Lucille Ball
There's a very nice photo of Gillian Anderson playing dress-ups as Lucille Ball in this week's issue of Who Weekly. It's a story on various stars dressed up as famous stars.

Return To Me
The Australian release of David Duchovny's Return To Me movie will be August 3. Thanks Fiona on ausxfnews.

Added Sunday, April 16, 2000
Video News Again
I was wandering thru Big W this morning and amazingly they already had the Dreamland video on their shelves, three days early. Naturally I bought a copy and went right home to watch it. [There are some classic lines ...] At the start there's a preview of the Closure video which now won't be released until June, not this month as previously thought. Closure features two season seven episodes that should screen in Australia on 17 and 24 May so the tape will come out after they've screened on Ten.

Site Update
I made a slight change to my Index Page.

Added Friday, April 14, 2000
Video News
Big W will have some specials on X-Files videos this coming week. Dreamland will be released on Wednesday and will sell for $16.66 compared to the RRP of $19.95. They are also selling The X-Files Movie: Special Edition DVD for $33.82, a couple of dollars off. The biggest savings are on the Biogenesis video if you haven't already bought it. It will be available for $12.83 compared to the RRP of $24.95.

Added Wednesday, April 12, 2000
Episode Guide
I've added Millennium to my Episode Guide.

Added Tuesday, April 11, 2000
Magazine Roundup
This week's slew of magazines includes a few X-Files mentions. This upcoming Goldberg Variation episode is one of the Highlights of the Week in Who Weekly; there's a photo of David Duchovny and Minnie Driver at the premiere of their movie, Return To Me in New Weekly while in the Hollywood column of TV Week there's a bit about David Duchovny being interviewed by Gillian Anderson for USA Weekend recently.

Added Friday, April 7, 2000
Site Update
My season seven episode guide has been updated. I've added pages for The Sixth Extinction [read about the alternative ending], The Sixth Extinction: Amor Fati [read Frank Spotnitz' explanation of the episode] and The Hungry [read The Official X-Files Magazine story on the making of the episode].

A new movie in pre-production is Riptide. Chris Carter is re-writing the script and the movie will be directed by X-Files director-producer Rob Bowman.

Calgary Sun story
This interesting story from The Calgary Sun:
Duchovny's latest film full of down-to-earth emotion By Louis B. Hobson

You've probably read that David Duchovny is blind in one eye.

The story is out there.

But trust no one.

The X-Files star has good reason not to believe everything he reads about himself and wishes others would be as cautious.

"There's a grain of truth to that story that appeared in the supermarket publications.

I did injure my eye playing basketball, but I'm not blind," says Duchovny.

"It had nothing to do with my being a klutz. It was somebody else's fingernail getting into my eye. I developed a cataract because of the force of the blow.

"I had an operation in which they implanted a lens into my right eye."

One conspiracy theory down.

Dozens more to be debunked.

"The worst misconception about me is that I'm arrogant," Duchovny says.

"I never felt that was fair. I have opinions and I don't like playing stupid or saying things I don't believe just to sell something which is often expected of actors.

"I refused to play those games, so I came off looking arrogant to some people."

Fox TV network might say Duchovny is stubborn and ungrateful.

He is suing the network, claiming they misrepresented the value of The X-Files reruns, thereby lessening his cut of the profits.

"My lawsuit is just business. It has nothing to do with the day-to-day workings of the show. I just happen to have a different view of my contract than the network does."

Duchovny is especially amused that until he married Tea Leoni, he was portrayed in the press as a womanizer.

"I have always been shy where women are concerned. As a youngster I was very afraid of adults and girls.

"I think I'm still quite a shy person. It's just a little less apparent. I think my nature is to be watchful and quiet."

One story out there that is true is that Duchovny and Leoni dated via telephone for six weeks before they actually went out on a date.

It was a mutual friend who suggested they try going out on a date.

"I was up in Vancouver. She was in L.A. It was an expensive courtship."

"I'm the truly lucky one. Tea is a great person and she likes me. She's so level-headed and real, has such great integrity and amazing priorities."

Duchovny and Leoni have a 10-month-old daughter, Madelaine West.

"The big difference between Tea and I is the way we worry about Madelaine.

"I worry if there is going to be any water left on the planet when she's 25. Tea worries if Madelaine has drunk enough water for the day."

This shy, happily married new father is the star of the romantic comedy Return to Me, opening Friday. He plays a man who loses his wife in an accident and unknowingly falls in love with the woman (Mini Driver) who received his wife's heart.

"It could have been a really schmaltzy movie, but Bonnie Hunt, who wrote and directed it, has such an incredible sense of humour.

"It's a more masculine humour than you'd ever expect from a chick-flick, so it's going to appeal to guys as much as it does to women."

Duchovny filmed Return to Me in Chicago last year during his hiatus from The X-Files.

"I got really lucky. There was a little community centre just down the street from my hotel. I got into a pickup basketball game every Saturday with the Chicago cops.

"I also went out drinking with them, but I played better than I drank. I think I earned a few get-out-of-jail cards from them. They were a great bunch of guys."

Jim Belushi, who co-stars in Return to Me, says Duchovny is a great sport.

"There were always X-Files fans trying to get a glimpse of him. The radio stations were playing that Bree Sharp song David Duchovny on the hour, every hour and the crew teased him mercilessly about aliens stalking the set. David took it all in great stride," recalls Belushi.

Duchovny says Return to Me "doesn't have some great moral about love or even say a lot about love. What made it appealing to make and makes it appealing for audiences is that there is so obviously a lot of love in it.

"It may sound like a lamebrain thing to say, but there aren't a lot of movies out there these days that make you feel good watching them, and ours does.

"It has the best test scores of any movie MGM has ever released since the industry started this whole test-screening thing.

"I just hope people will find us. It's probably the first romantic comedy in five years without Julia Roberts in it -- and that's going to be a difficult sell."

From http://www.canoe.ca/JamMovies/apr4_david.html

Added Thursday, April 6, 2000
Today Show Appearance
David Duchovny is scheduled to be on the Today Show later on tonight. The show airs on Channel 7 at 1.45am EST, but check your local guides. From Angie on ausxfnews.

Added Monday, April 3, 2000
TV Week
There is a 2 page David Duchovny interview in this week's TV Week titled Mr Muscle.

Added Sunday, April 2, 2000
In Style transcript
I've transcribed the David Duchovny article in the inaugural Australian issue of In Style and you can read it here.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
Celebrity brainiacs from David Duchovny to singer Vanessa Williams have signed up to test their smarts -- or thoroughly embarrass themselves by choking -- on an upcoming celeb edition of (US) ABC's Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

After recruiting quiz-show addict (and queen of all things trivial) Rosie O'Donnell, ABC confirmed five more stars for its shows, set to air during May sweeps. Williams, X-Files G-man Duchovny, former Saturday Night Live funnyguy Dana Carvey and CBS sitcom star Ray Romano have agreed to take the hot seat for Millionaire, and donate their winnings to charity.

From: Yahoo

Added Saturday, April 1, 2000
Gillian Anderson Chat
There will be a Gillian Anderson chat at TV Guide on April 7 at 8pm ET USA.

TV Language
There was a story on language used in TV shows in Thursday's Daily Telegraph with some quotes from various shows including this from The X-Files, accompanied by a small photo of Gillian Anderson:

X-cessively X-Files
Scully: "Mulder, if you had to do without a cell-phone for two minutes you'd lapse into a catatonic schizophrenia."

X-Files Movie on DVD
K-Mart is selling the DVD version of The X-Files Movie for $32.65, slightly below the reccomended retail price of $34.95.

If you know of any other Australian-related X-Files news you can let me know by sending me an e-mail. It will be much appreciated and I'll give you credit for the info. Thanks a bunch!

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