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July 1999

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Added Saturday, July 31, 1999
X-Files Competition
The latest edition of Sain (#14 - August, 1999), available free at your nearest Sanity store, has an X-Files competition where you can win a copy of The X-Files Movie: Special Edition (available to buy on August 11) plus an X-Files print autographed by Gillian Anderson. There are five prizes up for grabs, and to win one you have to answer two questions and fill in the entry form in the magazine.

The questions are: The competition runs from August 1 to September 12.

Update for Week Ending Friday, July 30, 1999
Turtle Bend
turtle bendOK, David Duchovny had his song ... now it's Gillian Anderson's turn. An artist named Turtle Bend (also known as Sonic or real name Mike Meengs), who used to know Gillian "before she was famous" has written a song called "Ode To Gillian". You can listen to (or download an MP3 file -- 5.3MB) the song at http://www.mp3.com/artists/23/turtle_bend.html. File under "electronica". Thanks Tiny Dancer

X-Files Viewers
There was a story in The Sunday Telegraph last weekend about a survey of 2000 "young" people (18-35) across Australia, listing various things -- including their favourite TV shows. They were "Friends", "The X-Files" and "Ally McBeal". I found that amusing as it certainly didn't work out that way in the "official" Nielsen ratings during 1999 ;-)

X-Files Season 8
OK, this has nothing at all to do with Australia but ... the last week has seen many major US newspapers writing about Chris Carter's plans for The X-Files with season 7 to be the last (as we already knew) but going on to say that an eighth season wasn't a complete impossibilty and that in fact Gillian Anderson had a contract for eight seasons. Chris Carter and David Duchovny have contracts for seven seasons only. Make of that what you will.

I completely forgot about this until I read a posting to ausxfnews by Kim but on the second episode of "Molloy" there was an hilarious skit of "The X-Files" with chimps playing the part of Mulder, Scully and Cancer Man. It was very funny -- just wish I'd been taping it!

Bree Sharp
More from ausxfnews. The David Duchvony song mentioned above has been played heavily in Queensland on radio station B105 in Brisbane according to Kerry although it hasn't been officially released in Australia. Meanwhile Kim spotted an article in the Melbourne Sunday Herald Sun's TV Extra magazine that read as follows:

Valentine Is Out There
American rock singer Bree Sharp has gone one better than others in the female army of David Duchovny fans.

Her debut CD, A Cheap and Evil Girl, released in the United States this week and enjoying extensive airplay, features a musical valentine to The X-Files star, simply titled David Duchovny.

"I'm not the kind to fall easily forTV stars, but he's got it going on," says the young New York based singer.

Before its release a bootleg copy of the song quickly found its wasy to The X-Files offices in Hollywood and the staff made their own video for the song, featuring - wait for it - Duchovny himself, plus lip-synching cameos from Rosie O'Donnell, Brad Pitt and Kiss.

But there is little chance of the video appearing on TV - the stars did it for the lark. And besides, the royalties would be astronomical.

Still, it is a nice boost for Sharp.
Australian Good Taste
There's a 3 page article (including a full page pic) on Gillian Anderson in the August issue of Australian Good Taste magazine about Piper and Gillian's life in general. The magazine costs $2.50. From Medellia on ausxfnews. You can find the magazine in your local supermarket and is quite good value.

Playing By Heart
From Elise
If you live in Brisbane you can see Gillian Anderson's movie Playing By Heart at the 8th Brisbane International Film Festival at the Regent Cinemas.

Blockbuster Awards
The Blockbuster Awards screen tonight on Channel 10 starting at 9:30pm. You should catch a glimpse of Gillian Anderson.

Happy Birthday
Yesterday (July 29) was Dean (Langly) Haglund's birthday. He turned 34.

Added Saturday, July 24, 1999
Episode Guide Update
Amazing ... I've actually finished another two episodes :-)

Check out season six episodes Agua Mala and Monday. There will be more to come soon.

Emmy Nominations
The 1999 Emmy nominations are in. Gillian Anderson was nominated for Best Actress but David Duchovny missed a Best Actor nomination while The X-Files also missed a Best Drama nomination. Other nominations for The X-Files are:

Twin Peaks
According to Medellia on ausxfnews the three Twin Peaks episodes that feature David Duchovny as Agent Dennis/Denise will screen on Channel 10 (at the VCR timer-recording hour of 4am) on August 7, 14 and 21.

Added Friday, July 23, 1999
Weekly Update
Well, not much has been happening since X-Files went off the air in Australia. The only things that I've come across this past week have been in overseas magazines (which are available in local newsagencies now). UK mag Starburst (issue # 250 at the ludicrous price of $14.25 and in a sealed plastic bag so you can't look) has some collectible poster-cards, one of which is on The X-Files - I think it's a photo of David Duchovny only, if the tiny pic on the cover is any indication. Another UK magazine, Movie Review (issue # 27 at $13.95) has a CD-Rom on the cover which contains assorted things, including a trailer of the Gillian Anderson movie Playing By Heart.

X-Files Sale
Comic Kingdom in Sydney has reduced their X-Files range of guide books, novels, magazines and comics. There are a few bargains including a couple of the (adult) novels at $3.00.

The unfortunate thing is that most retailers don't see a future in X-Files merchandise which is getting scarcer by the day.

I don't usually watch Jesse but caught a bit of last week's ep. The X-Files got a mention -- they said something smelled like it belonged on The X-Files! Hey, see how desperate I am for XF news :-)

Added Monday, July 19, 1999
Update schmupdate
It's not for lack of caring or wanting. Just that there's been nothing happening for the last week. The only thing remotely newsworthy is a one page X-Files story in the latest edition of Sci Fi TV magazine. The news isn't that exciting actually, most has already been mentioned here.

Added Tuesday, July 13, 1999
The final episode of season six is upon us. What do to for six/seven months? Well, the movie comes out on video on August 11 and there will be a few other video releases later in the year - such as Dreamland on 1013 (October 13).

Biogenesis has copped a few mentions in the media over the past few days. In the Sun-Herald TV Now liftout on Sunday, the show made it into the This Week section but the review was unfavourable, despite the three star rating.
There's nothing startlingly original in this season finale in which Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) continues his quest to find alien life forms and his sister. For all the mysteries creator Chris Carter cleared up this series he forgot one: when are we going to see an absorbing story?
Yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald's Icon section had a feature story on their Wednesday TV page which divulged little about the final episode but dealt with rumours that this (the sixth) was the final season (that's an old rumour) and generally bad-mouthed the show's "disappointing" year. There was also coverage of Chris Carter's Millennium, with a reader review giving tonight's episode Tune In status.

This week's Who magazine included Biogenesis in their What To Watch section while New Weekly made the show their Pick of the Week. New Weekly also has a photo of Gillian Anderson (with a cup of coffee in her hand) in a photo layout of celebs who are Caffiends.

Field Trip
Today's Sydney Morning Herald TV ratings revealed last week's Field Trip episode in 63rd spot overall with 320,000 viewers. It was channel 10's 10th most watched show of the week.

Science Behind The X-Files
Today's Australian newspaper included an X-Files web site in their Net Cruiser column.
"Interesting" might be the only word to describe this site - then again, there might be another more appropriate term outh there and it's just not coming to us right now.

You decide.

It offers an epiosde-by-episode look at the sceince behind the popular television show, The X-Files. So, for example, in one show an unlucky fellow is "exsanguinated", we learn what that means, scientifically speaking.

Each definition includes useful links to further reading.

Later we learn that the only reason decapitated cockroaches die is because of dehydration; they can't drink water. You get the idea.

It's all very "interesting".

Added Saturday, July 10, 1999
Gillian "Jedi" Anderson?
I don't usually go in for rumours but this one's too good not to mention. Below is the story as it appeared in The Daily Buzz on the Another Universe website, a good source of X-Files merchandise BTW.
Could the Force soon be with Agent Scully? Gillian Anderson is reportedly in talks with Lucasfilm to play a female Jedi in Episode 2.

The Star Wars Realm Web site reportedly got an email from a Lucasfilm source that said The X-Files star will put down the Sig-Sauer P-220 for a light saber.

The reason the rumour is so interesting for Australian X-Files fans is that Star Wars Episode 2 will be filmed at the Fox Studios in Sydney :-) !!!

The Vertical Limit
OK, it's not "Australian" news, (there's so little to report anything mildly x-filish sounds interesting) but it is "Australasian" news and it is X-Files related. Nicholas Lea, everyone's favourite Ratboy, is starring in a new movie, The Vertical Limit, with Chris O'Donnell and Bill Paxton. Filming starts in New Zealand on August 2 with the film set to wrap up just before Christmas. That means he probably won't be starring in any early season seven episodes of The X-Files.

Added Thursday, July 8, 1999
According to Kellie, the June 1999 issue of UK Focus magazine ($9.95) has a great article on The X-Files. Mulder and Scully are on the cover with the heading Interviews - Closing the X-Files - Duchovny and Anderson on ghosts, psychics and how it feels to hand in their FBI badges. It's quite a long article (pages 32 - 39) and there's also another story called The Real X-Files. Thanks Kellie

Scunilly on ausxfnews agrees that it's a great article.

The last half-dozen episodes of season six have all made it on to the Must Watch/Best Of sections of various newspapers and magazines. The final season six episode, Biogenesis, is in the Tune In section of the 7 Days guide in today's Daily Telegraph, with a large photo of Scully and Mulder.

Sci-Fi Collector
I saw yet another new magazine today, called Sci-Fi Collector, published by Beckett. This issue mainly deals with Star Wars but there are five pages on The X-Files. There's a couple of pages on The X-Files Movie action figures -- there are around 150 variants available (different paint jobs etc) -- and price guides to collector cards, comics, figues and game cards. If your'e into game cards there's a web site http://www.x-filesccg.com with more information. The magazine also covers the X-Files Barbie/Ken dolls. There was a recalled version (with a plastic hair clip on Scully) that is in hot demand in the States.

For information on X-Files merchandise check out Paper Clip: The Australian X-Files Merchandise and News Resource which badly need an update :-) Yeah, one day!!

Added Wednesday, July 7, 1999
Inside The X-Files
Today's Daily Telegraph lists tonight's special on Foxtel, Inside The X-Files, as best show of the day. The special screened on Channel 10 last year and is also available on File 12.

Did anyone see last night's brilliant episode of Chris Carter's "other" show, Millennium? The plot was right out of The X-Files (government experiments being tested on the public) and with the inclusion of Emma Hollis (played so well by Klea Scott, ex-Brooklyn South) as Frank Black's partner there was quite an X-filish feel to it, except that Millennium is so much darker than The X-Files ever dares be. I know Millennium was cancelled at the end of season three but that's because it never found an audience, not becasue it was poor quality. In fact, the half-dozen episodes screened on Channel 7 so far in 1999 have been uniformly excellent.

Mmm, getting a bit off the point there. Anyway, the main reason I mentioned last night's ep. is that it featured the voices of Mulder and Scully! True. While Emma was investigating the crime, she walked past an apartment where The X-Files was playing on TV and you could hear M&S from the Kill Switch episode!

Father Duchovny
Who writes this stuff? Years after this snippet appeared in guide books/biographies, the Sunday Telegraph included, in one of their Did You Know paragraphs, a little piece of David Duchovny's father being famous for writing a biography of Spiro Agnew.

Added Tuesday, July 6, 1999
X-Files Ratings
Helloooooo? Anybody in there? Hey, I am still here ... just that there's been no news to report.

Today's Sydney Morning Herald TV ratings showed last week's episode Three Of A Kind at number 63 for the week with 333,400 viewers, which placed The X-Files as Ten's ninth most popular show.

There's only a pittance of other news ... This week's Who magazine has tomorrow's Field Trip episode in their What To Watch section (with a photo of Mulder covered in goo) while TV Week had a couple of sentences on the final X-Files episode of the year (next week's Biogenesis). Time for a rant ... Biogenesis is the final episode of the year on Ten which means no repeats on free to air TV. No episodes for seven months :-( I read somewhere that Foxtel has the rights to all the old episode repeats which is a raw deal for those who don't have Foxtel or even worse, happen to live outside the Sydney metropolitan area where we can't even subscribe to Foxtel.

If you know of any other Australian-related X-Files news you can let me know by sending me an e-mail. It will be much appreciated and I'll give you credit for the info. Thanks a bunch!

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