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September 2001

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Thursday, September 27, 2001
Tom Braidwood
Today is Tom Braidwood's (Frohike) birthday. He turns 53.

Added Sunday, September 23, 2001
X-rated Tour
There's a story in today's Sunday Telegraph about a travel agency in Japan offering an X-Files tour where travellers can visit the FBI in Washington and X-Files filming sites in Vancouver and Los Angeles.

2001 Emmy Awards
The Australian delayed telecast of the 2001 Emmy Awards, which were to go to air on September 19 have been put back even further to October 9.
They were subsequently cancelled.

For those who haven't heard, The X-Files picked up an Emmy for Best Make-up in a Series for the "DeadAlive" episode. You can read an article on the make-up for DeadAlive on my episode guide.

Robert Patrick made an appearance as a presenter.

Added Saturday, September 22, 2001
From an article on celebrities who play golf in the September 22 issue of TV Week:
Tea Leoni
Known for her role on TV sitcom The Naked Truth, these days Tea is putting motherhood first, bringing up daughter Madeleine West (with husband, X-Files star David Duchovny) while acting on the occasional film like Jurassic Park III. And that suits her just fine, because now she has time to spend on her favourite sport: golf! According to Tea, ‘My golf game improved dramatically when I was pregnant. Not only because I finally had the time, but also I had gained almost 60 pounds, and I'll tell you, you can really smack that ball when you're closing in on 200.’
ThanX Lucy.

Added Friday, September 21, 2001
Eine Kleine Frohike
Last night's episode of The Lone Gunmen was Eine Kleine Frohike which was supposed to screen last week. So at least we haven't missed any episodes. Like Water For Octane, which received a very favourable review in last weekend's Sun-Herald should screen next week.

I've added Eine Kleine Frohike to my Lone Gunmen episode guide.

Added Wednesday, September 19, 2001
Ausnews Update
The September Filmink contains reviews of Spy Kids, The Family Man and Vertical Limit. On pages 42-43 of this magazine there is an article on who would play a female Terminator. One if the suggestions the magazine puts forward is Gillian Anderson with the following paragraph:
She may be diminutive, but Robert Patrick could give her some pointers, since he was the T-1000 in Terminator 2 and is currently playing Agent Doggett on The X-Files. Everyone knows Scully's got that ball-breaking glare, and that combined with her red hair shooting sparks would make it a riot to see her slap Arnie around like wet laundry. She could breathe new life into the adage 'Good things come in small packages'.
There is also a small photo of GA on page 42 of this magazine which is available free from Hoyts cinemas now.

In Overseas mag news, one to look out for in 2 months time at newsagents is TV Zone # 142 which has a 4 page X-Files article in it . It is available now at comic shops.
ThanX to Lucy.

The vague 'December' release date for Evolution has now been given as a firm date of December 11 for both VHS and DVD, according to Ezy DVD
ThanX Fiona and Mathew.

Beethoven featuring David Duchovny, will be released on DVD on November 21.

I've added a new Australian site, The Bleeping UFO'S Guide To The X-Files to my Links page.

Added Sunday, September 16, 2001
Site Update
Not much X-Files related news to report over the past five days, with the terrible tragedy in America dominating everyone's thoughts and prayers.

Last Thursday night's episode of The Lone Gunmen, Eine Kleine Frohike, wasn't aired because of the US news coverage, and despite reports in some TV guides that there wasn't going to be an episode this week, according to today's Sun-Herald, the episode Like Water for Octane will air. Their Television lifout gave it four stars in a glowing review.

There was a review of last week's ep. in The Courier Mail.

Added Tuesday, September 11, 2001
LL on ET
I'm not sure if Australia is still up-to-date with Entertainment Tonight, but if so, Tuesday's episode in the US (that screens on Wednesday in Australia) will have a segment on Lucy Lawless guest-starring on The X-Files

Aus Mags
There are a couple of photos of David Duchovny with his family in NW this week. Also in this week's TV Week there is a small photo of David Duchovny with his daugher on the bottom right hand corner of the cover and a couple of photos and small article about them in the Hollywood Dads section. DD is listed at no 8.
ThanX Lucy.

2002 Calendars
For those who don't live near a "specialty/comics" shop, the 2002 David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson calendars can now be ordered from Calcom in the UK.
ThanX to Lucy once more.

I've added the first two episodes, Pilot and Bond, Jimmy Bond to my Lone Gunmen episode guide.

Added Sunday, September 9, 2001
Seaworld and Hairy Armpits
This week's Who Weekly contains a large photo of David Duchovny and Tea Leoni at Seaworld in the US. Also there are 2 photos of Gillian Anderson in its Best And Worst Dressed section - one with the infamous dress showing off the thong and the other showing hair under one armpit. In overseas mags The Cult Times Special contains a 2 page article on The X-Files while the August Dreamwatch has a 1 page article on David Duchovny. These are now available at local newsagents.
ThanX again Lucy.

Moore Figures
Moore Action Collectibles, Inc. will be releasing a number of X-Files character collectible figures , namely AD Skinner, Agent Doggett and Maitreya from First Person Shooter. Check their website to read the full press release.

Don Davis
There is an article in today's Sun-Herald Television liftout on Don S Davis who is in Australia for a Stargate SG1 convention. The article mentions the fact that Davis played Scully's father in The X-Files. There is also a pic.

Added Friday, September 7, 2001
Eine Kleine Frohike
There is a preview (contains spoilers) of next Thursday's Lone Gunmen episode, titled Eine Kleine Frohikeepisode, accompanied by a photo, in today's Courier Mail.
ThanX Lucy.

Thursday, September 6, 2001
Bond, Jimmy Bond
The second episode of The Lone Gunmen screens tonight at 10:30pm on channel 7. It introduces the new character, Jimmy Bond.

Wednesday, September 5, 2001
Video News
Dead Alive was officially released today in VHS and DVD formats, although it was available as early as Monday at my local Big W store.

The X-Files Season 1 and Season 2 Box sets were also released today on video. (They're already available in DVD.)

Also, the release date for the Season 3 DVD set has been announced as November 14.

Added Monday, September 3, 2001
Jurassic Gunmen News
The latest Who Weekly has a 2 page article on Tea Leoni (one of those pages is a large photo plus there's a small pic of David Duchovny) and a 1 page Jurassic Park III review. Also, besides the small TLG article in the Gold Coast Bulletin TV Guide last Thursday there was a brief article about Lucy Lawless joining The X-Files cast and a second larger Lone Gunmen article about 3/4 page long. The surface-freight June 29 issue of OK magazine has now arrived at newsagents and contains a 2 page David Duchovny article and Evolution review.
ThanX Lucy.

Added Saturday, September 1, 2001
Hotel Fire
According to various news sources, David Duchovny has signed up for a new film titled How to Survive a Hotel Room Fire. It will star Catherine Keener (Out Of Sight, 8mm and Being John Malkovich) and David Hyde Pierce (Frasier) and be directed by this year's Oscar winner, Steven Soderbergh. Production begins in November.

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