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"Per Manum"

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Episode 8ABX08

Title: Per Manum

First screened in Australia: 26 April, 2001
First screened in the USA: 18 February, 2001

Credits: Director: Kim Manners
Writers: Chris Carter & Frank Spotnitz
Starring: Guest Stars: Plot:
Scully and Doggett are called in to investigate reports of alien impregnations on human subjects. As their discoveries continue, Scully questions whether she should reveal she is pregnant or not. Sofcom
My Rating: 9/10
I've read mostly very negative opinions (with a few positive reviews) on this episode since it aired but I thought it was an excellent effort - some brilliant special effects (the alien baby for example), intrigue, a little bit of Mulder, government conspiracies, lies, deceit, passion ... exactly what the X-Files is/was famous for. It seems to me some so-called "fans" decided long ago that the show was over and bucket negative opinions because it's the thing to do.

Hey, it's a TV show! If you don't like it any more don't watch it. If you hate Chris Carter for the direction TXF has taken then don't watch it. People not watching the show will send a clearer message than ex-fans' ramblings on the internet. I've read people rubbishing the show because of plot holes and the like but that's been the same since day one. If you don't believe me then just search for one of the many "netpicking" websites that were around in the early days.

Despite the lack of Mulder this season, The X-Files has been quite good - I've gone back and watched the episodes as TV shows, not as some holy grail that can't be touched. Some that I didn't care for when they first aired really aren't that bad. With David Duchovny deciding to cut back his input this year what else could the production team do than write episodes with him not in them?

I miss Mulder as much as anyone but I'm not going to stop watching or start criticising the show because of that fact alone.

Where Have I Seen That Face Before?
Adam Baldwin [no relation to those Baldwins!] (Knowle Rohrer) has appeared in many well-known movies including the brilliant "Ordinary people", "My Bodyguard", "DC Cab", "Reckless", "Poison Ivy", "Full Metal Jacket", "Predator 2", "Radio Flyer", "Wyatt Earp", "Blind Justice", "Independence Day", "The Patriot" and "Jackpot".

jay acovoneJay Acovone (Duffy Haskell) also appeared in the season 4 "Demons" episode. His movie roles include "Cruising", "Times Square", "Cold Steel", "Stepfather III", "Independence Day", "Foxfire", "The Peacemaker", "Cast Away" and "The Amati Girls". On TV he has had starring/recurring roles in "Search For Tomorrow", "Stargate SG1", "Hollywood Beat" and "Beauty And The Beast". He's also had guest roles on episodes of "Red Shoe Diaries", "Friends", "NYPD Blue", "Dark Skies", 3 episodes of "Providence" and 3 episodes of "Sliders". There is a Jay Acovone website.

megan followsMegan Follows (Kath McReady) is most famous for her role in the "Anne Of Green Gables" trilogy. She started as a child actor and has starred in the TV series "Matt And Jenny", "The Baxters" and "Domestic Life" and appeared in episodes of "ER", "The Littlest Hobo", "Law And Order" and "The Division". Movie roles include "Clare's Wish" and "Silver Bullet" plus many TV movies.

Saxon Trainor (Mary Hendershot) has been in the movies "Conspiracy Theory", "Scorchers", "The Legend Of Wolf Mountain" and two "Magic In The Mirror" movies. She's appeared in episodes of "Sliders", "Profiler", "Star Trek: The Next Generation", "Red Shoe Diaries", "Dream On", "Nowhere Man" and "NYPD Blue".

David Purdham (Dr Lev) has appeared in episodes of "LA Law", "ER", "JAG", Babylon 5" and "Seinfeld" ("The Package" episode). His movie appearances include "Defending Your Life", "My Girl 2", "The Rockford Files: I Still Love LA", "Wiseguy", "Macarena" and "Santa And Pete".

Jennifer Griffin (Dr. Miryum) has been in "Cadence", "A Pefect World", "Better Than Chocolate" and "Ignition". On TV she starred in "Robocop" and the mini-series "Storm Of The Century" and appeared in episodes of "Friday The 13th", "Tek War" and "Profiler".

Trivia and Research:
Mark Snow's Cameo: "I play a doctor, and I don't say anything and I'm not on the screen too long, but it was a fun moment," Snow said. "Kim Manners, the director, called up and said, 'Look, get your ass over here, I want to have you in this show!' And I said 'Okay!' It was one of those night shoots, you get there at 8 and you leave at 5 in the morning."


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