This is the latest picture of my engine compartment (10/04) and of my fresh rebuilt 440!!  Also new is an NOS drum brake master cylinder with new brake and fuel lines from Fine Lines as well as one of the "molded" hood pads, date coded cooling hoses and tags. I also just recently got the finishing touches like a new repro battery and the "correct" cables.  I also had the exhaust manifolds Jet-Hot coated so they wont rust over the winter in my garage anymore!!!

I just got finished rebuilding this engine over the winter of 2003-4.  Its a '73 block bored .030" over with a steel crank & stock LY rods.  I used Speed Pro forged 2266 pistons, which with my closed chambered 915 heads give me approx 9.5:1 compression.  The cam was ground by Engle Cams at 108* centerline for a nice lope at idle.  It has 224* duration at .050 with a lift of .504".  Aside from the machine shop work, the engine including degreeing the cam was assembled by me.  I have a Holley 750 vacuum secondary carb sitting a top an Edelbrock vintage CH4B aluminum dual plane manifold.  This particular manifold even has a Pentastar with a Chrysler part # on it!.  Using Desktop Dyno, the estimated HP is 425 @ 5500 rpm with 500 ft lbs torque @ 4300 rpm

The fuel system consists of a new repro gas tank with factory 3/8" main fuel line with 1/4" return lines.  All R/T's came with this upgraded fuel system.  From the tank the fuel goes to a Carter high volume pump into a stock factory big block vapor separator.  From there it cuts down, (like it did originally from the factory)  to 5/16" line to a Fabulous Fabrications fuel line that mates to the Holley.

The exhaust system consists of factory HP manifolds that mate to a factory 2 1/2"  "H" pipe.  From there it goes to 2 1/2" Hemi replacement mufflers from Accurate LTD, to 2 1/2" tail pipes from Flowmaster.   When I first got the car I had Flowmasters on it but they were too loud for me.  Couldn't even hear yourself at a cruise RPM.  The Hemi mufflers have that awesome Chrysler Big Block rumble to them.  I highly recommend them.  Originally from the factory the exhaust system was 2 1/4" at the end of the "H" pipe.  It got stepped down.  I chose to have a complete 2 1/2" system.  Capping the exhaust off is a set of  custom Stainless Steel 2 1/2" Charger chrome tips from Mancini Racing.  Again to keep the correct factory look.

I updated the charging system to a '70's vintage dual field alternator.  I also upgraded the ignition using a Mopar Performance electronic kit.

The wiring for this upgrade was made by Bill Evans Wiring

Below are pics of the engine in various stages.  The pic on the left is on the first day I got it.  Notice the car had the wrong radiator in it also and that big honkin' Accel coil!   The pic on the right is how the engine looked before I caught the  "stock looking" bug!

The transmission is a HD 727 Torqueflite.  It was rebuilt by me and a friend of mine using Kevlar clutches and bands.  It has a Turbo Action Cheetah Manual Reverse valve body installed.  This is extremely fun to drive on the street.  Not only can you "chirp" the tires in all three gears but it sounds BAD also!!   I also have a Mopar Performance deep pan on it with a trans cooler in series with the radiator cooler.  The torque converter is a TCI 2800 RPM 11" unit.

The rear end is an 8 3/4".  It has a 489 case with 3.55 gears ( purchased from Randy's Ring & Pinion) and a cone type Sure-Grip.  I rebuilt the unit myself.  I installed the "green" bearings which are a sealed roller bearing type for the axles.  I have heard good and bad things about these bearings.  So far I haven't had any problems......

The front suspension was rebuilt using Polygraphite bushings and Moog components from a kit from Performance Suspension Components.  The stock 11/16" diameter sway bar was retained as was the stock HD .092" torsion bars.

On all four corners, KYB Gas Adjust shocks were used.

The running gear consists of 255/60/15 custom RedLine Radials made by Diamond Back Classics on all four corners mounted on custom 15x7 "Road Wheels" made by Specialty Wheels .

The rear springs were changed with new factory replacement bias leaf springs.  R/T Chargers with the Hemi suspension were equipped with bias leaf springs...6 leafs on the left...7 leafs on the right.  This helped plant the massive torque of the Big Block to the pavement.  The springs were purchased from ESPO Springs and Things along with new u-bolts and nuts.  I used the stock rubber type bushings to provide a little more ride comfort since this car wasn't going to be raced.  I should have done this in the front as well but.............

UPDATE 2/05:

Over the winter I installed a manual front disc brake kit from Stainless Steel Brakes Company.  Real easy to do and a great, complete kit.

Also over the winter I installed a complete 2.5" H-Pipe exhaust kit from Tom at Accurate LTD.  This kit was also a breeze to install & fit perfectly. I opted for their "Performance High Flow Hemi Mufflers" These are a different desigh over their older Hemi mufflers which I had on the car & loved. These have a deeper, throatier sound to them......highly recommended!

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