The above pictures are before and after shots of the interior.

I recovered the front seats myself using new covers and "buns" from Legendary Interiors.   The rear seat is the original and in great shape.  I installed a new carpet and custom logo floor mats from A C C.  The headliner is also the original

The dash pad in the car had a crack in it.  I got a good used one that was green in color.  I dyed  it black using SEM #15243 Satin Black vinyl paint.  I did a lot of the interior pieces with this paint.

Since the only #'s matching thing about the car is that its a real R/T, I decided to option out the car the way that I would have if I would have purchased it new in '69.

First off I added a woodgrain sport wheel.  The wheel itself has an interesting story behind it.  If you are a 68-70 B-body fan like me, you know how hard to it is to find a good "crack free" wheel.  I answered an ad on my favorite Mopar web site,  A man out in Utah was selling a "nice woodgrain wheel"   I e-mailed him and asked if he still had it.  Then he gave me the story.  He had bought a trailer with 12, yes 12 driver's ed simulators from the '70's.  They had Dodge steering columns, accelerator pedals, and a small speedometer.  They looked like bumper cars.  They all had the sport type woodgrain wheels on them in varying conditions.  He was asking $150 for the wheel.  I sent him a money order and in 10 days I got a box.  When I opened it my jaw hit the floor!!  Not only was it crack free but it still had "woodgrain" that you could FEEL!  Most 30 year old wheels are worn smooth, not this one.  I was ecstatic to say the least.  I got a couple of friends in on the deal as well.  Moving on.....  I also added a rear window defroster and a Tic-Toc-Tach.  You can see the rear defroster switch in the picture below.  Its just above the radio "thumbwheels".  Chrysler used the same knob for the convertible top as the rear defroster. On one side of the switch it says "R.WIND".  On the other it says "TOP".  I thought that was interesting...........




I redid the gauges my self using a decal kit from Performance Car Graphics.  This was extremely easy to do and made a great improvement over the 30 year old "yellow" faces.  I even did the Tic-Toc-Tach.  I rebuilt the "Tic-Toc" using a quartz conversion kit from Instrument Services.  I also sent out the "Tach" to them to recalibrate it.

UPDATE: 4/2001  I had the instrument bezels rechromed by Dave and Beth at Performance Car Graphics. They came out great! PCG provides a great product & service as well!

The car was originally optioned with A/C, but when I bought the car the A/C was gone.  I chose to put in a non A/c center dash pad because I like the clean look of it.  I also left the stock AM MusicMaster radio in the dash.  Sadly, it doesn't work.  I mounted a Pioneer CD stereo under the dash in line with the center console.  I replaced the factory single front center speaker with a dual speaker set up that fits in the stock location (purchased from Custom Auto Sound).  I have a pair of Pioneer 6x9's in the rear, along with a factory rear defroster set-up. Ask me how I did that!! ;-)

UPDATE:02/03: I recently added another cool Mopar option. A 6-way adjustible drivers side seat track. Pretty much a useless option (you just set it & forget it...), but it really improved my overall seating position in the car. 30+ year old seats dont provide much support. With the seat adjusted up a little, you get a greater view of the road. So in that respect the option was well worth it.

On a side note......the seat track I got is a 1969 ONLY piece. Tracks from 1970 & 71 will NOT fit a 69 bucket seat!


My main concern was keeping the car as stock looking as possible, and to option it out with Chrysler options.

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