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Our Projects
A list of the work projects we are now doing.

  • Correction of all city or township cemetery database errors.
  • Add missing burials to all city or township cemetery databases.
  • Make accurate, legible, and online accessible maps of every cemetery. Create map wall posters as requested.
  • Make online lists of all burials with a defined grave location within the cemetery.
  • Document every military veteran's grave location & update Lucas County Recorder's database. Make veteran burial leaflets (list & maps) and place veteran-here markers to assist/guide veteran groups' flag placement on Memorial Day.
  • Scan/digitize paper cemetery records to an digital form as a back-up.
  • Transcribe paper cemetery records to a searchable on-line digital form.
  • Update on-line memorial records (additions, corrections, photographs, GPS, etc.). Clean and enhance inscriptions prior to photographing gravestones.
  • Provide information that assists people looking for a single grave, or the family members in a plot, in Lucas County.
  • Provide links to other websites that have useful information (cemetery-related, death certificates, obituaries, etc.).
  • Conduct historical research on early cemeteries of Lucas County.
  • Advocate for maintenance of cemetery grounds, roadways, monuments, and gravestones.
  • Advocate for (or uncover) section markers, lot markers, roadsigns, and other signage as directional aids to all graves.
  • Write grants to take on new special projects of historical importance to the area.

  • Special Project - Next Bissell-Stickney Wetland Trash Clean-up Event will be in the Spring of 2024.- This is a restoration of a wetland site just to the northeast of Forest Cemetery to make it a wildlife preserve.


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Even though we are non-paid volunteers, we comply with the
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