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Lucas County Cemeteries Historical Association (LCCHA)


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The LCCHA is a group of volunteers that have a passion to improve the records of burials in Lucas County, Ohio, so that anyone can easily locate a burial of interest to them.
We are non-paid, non-profit, archival, cultural, historical and educational; a class A82 organization that interprets, collects and preserves the historical heritage of this specific geographic location.

Our Mission

Preserving the historical heritage of Lucas County through its cemeteries and burial records.

We are proud to announce a new contest called "Images of Lucas County Cemeteries. There will be cash awards of up to $300 for the best photographic art. Please check back to this site on March 1st...
For questions/comments/suggestions, please sign the Guestbook (don't include any personal info - anyone can view the guestbook.).


The LCCHA received $1,000 from The Arts Commission this year. This funding is part of the American Rescue Plan Act money received by the City of Toledo and Lucas County that was created to provide support to local arts organizations and artists. The support will be used for marketing and cemetery art promotion. Thank you to these organizations, as well as our team, who worked diligently on the application for us to receive the funding. And thanks to the Toledo Photo Arts Club, for technical assistance.
Please observe Constitution Day this year.

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Even though we are non-paid volunteers, we comply with the Equal Opportunity Employment Ohio mandate. We are exempt from the Ohio minimum wage law and the USERRA as a charity with no wage earners (i.e. no employees). We are fully committed to "diversity" as defined as "A person of any background can join our association". We are committed to "Equity" as defined as "equal standards for all individuals in our association". We are committed to "inclusion" as defined as "allowing people of every background and identity to participate".
All LCCHA members are volunteers. Liability for member actions are covered by the Federal Volunteer Protection At of 1997. So, all LCCHA should read this prior to joining LCCHA.
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The platinum seal is the highest rating for a non-profit charity. The LCCHA is committed to full transparency of our charity. We have no salaries, so 100% of any endowment or donation goes to advance our mission.