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1. Credits- This is the bad ending. To get this ending just beat the last Boss at the end of the game. He has 10,000 Hit Points so this battle will be long, but virtually easy.

2. Save Sarah- This is the "real" ending. This ending is ending is achieved by using a string of elements without being disrupted. You must use the elements in this order: yellow, red, green, blue, black, white, and finally you must use the Chrono Cross. Once you accomplish this Sarah talks to you for a while, then it shows an FMV of the book you see in the intro of the game, an FMV of Sarah at the beach, and then "fin" shows up at the bottom of the screen. Congratulations, achieved the real ending.

3. Kid's the Queen- In order to get this ending, you have to pass the game at the beginning AFTER you get Poshul (If you pass it solo, you get a better ending). The ending shows Serge staying in Arni with Leena. Kid sees this, and goes to Lynx's mansion by herself. She beats up Lynx, gets the Frozen Flame, and then makes a wish. A sequence is then shown of Kid being the ruler of El Nido, and then ordering to attack the invading Porre army. In the end her nation becomes the strongest in the world, with the Frozen Flame by her side.

4. The Silly Ending- This ending is accomplished by passing the game right before you go to the Dragon Tower. It shows Serge working at Lisa's market, with some antics between Leena, Kid, Korcha, and Macha. It then shows the portion of the Dragon Tower during the demo and right at the beginning of the game, in the same way, except that the three people in the tower are Pierre, Sugar, and Salton. There is some more comic relief afterwards.

5. Serge and Lynx- This ending is very disturbing to me. It's gotten by passing the game as Lynx, with Harle. It shows Serge (still in cat form) living with Harle in the liberated Marbule, with everyone being nice to them. Then it shows Radius, Farga, and Zappa going to fight Lynx (as Serge) and Kid.

6. Evil Wins- This is a nice one. Pass the game as Lynx without Harle to get this one. First it shows Kid and Evil Serge going to Chronopolis. Kid decides to wait at the entrance. Harle shows up, and battle ensues. It then cuts to a sequence where the save point in Radius's house turns black. It then shows Evil Serge delivering the Frozen Flame to Fate.

7. Lynx and Crew Go To Lunch- This ending is achieved by passing the game after Serge regains his own body and (I assume) before you get Kid back. This ending shows Riddel, Glenn, and Dario are in the mansion where Lynx resides, with a bunch of kids running around. Then it cuts to a pretty odd scene in the Dragon Bar in Termina, which is apparently run by Karsh, Zoah, and others. Lynx (still with Serge's body), Kid, and Harle walk in and sit down at a table. While they are being waited on by people, two star children sit down next to them, and further comedic occurrences break out.

8. Where Are The Humans?- They're gone!! You can get this ending by passing the game after you get Serge's body back. First, it shows Kenja and one of those dwarf guys talking to the merged dragon. It then cuts to Harle in Arni, and everyone in the village is not human. Harle then takes a Rindou flower and puts it on Serge's grave.

9. Programmer Ending- Pass the game right at the beginning with only Serge, and you can talk to the programmers. But, there is a door that is locked. If anyone could tell me how to open this door please email me.