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Item Location What to do with it
Komodo Scale Arni Village (H) Give to child in front of Kiki's house for an Uplift
Shark Tooth Arni Village(H) Show to Kiki's father at Arni Village (A) to get Mojo
Heckran Bone Arni Village (H) Give to Poshul and she'll join you
Heavy Skull Fossil Valley (A) Needed to build Skelly
Bellflower Fossil Valley (A) Give to Glenn at the Shrine in Termina (A)
Big Egg Fort Dragonia (H) Use this to get Draggy later on in the game
Tele-Porter Termina (A) Exchange party members
Hero's Medal Termina (A) Give it to Pierre
Angry Scapula Shadow Forest (A) Needed to build Skelly
Aroma Pouch Shadow Forest (A) Used to lure monsters to Quadfidd in the forest
Manor Key Viper Manor (A) Used to enter Viper Manor
Atral Amulet Guldove (A) Used to warp between Home and Another World ate Opassa Beach
Pelvic Bone Guldove (A) Needed to build Skelly
Safety Gear Hydra Marshes (A) Walk around Marshes without losing life
Good Backbone Hydra Marshes (A) Needed to build Skelly
Green Tinkler Guldove (A) Used to tip over mutated plants in Hydra Marshes to progress beyond them
Life Sparkle Hydra Marshes (A) Used to get Fio at Viper Manor (A) on top balcony
Sturdy Ribs Water Dragon Isle (A) Needed to build Skelly
Mixed Bones Isle Of The Damned (A) Needed to build Skelly
Beeba Flute Hydra Marshes (H) Used to fight Wingapede in wide-open space
Hydra Humor Hydra Marshes (H) Give it to Doc to cure Kid
Ice Breath Water Dragon Isle (H) Use in Mount Pyre to freeze lave, also use at Hermit's Hideaway (A)
Mushroom Shadow Forest (H) Give to man in cave and he will join you
Smith Spirit Termina (H) Summons blacksmith anywhere you can save
Star Fragment El Nido Triangle (H) Summon Mega Starky with it on Sky Dragon Isle (H)
Handle S.S. Zelbess (H) Used to beat Fargo in the casino game
Fiddler Crab S.S. Zelbess (H) Used to reveal Death's Door on the southern edge of the Dead Sea
Garai's Keepsake Hermit's Hideaway (H) Use it in front of mirrors on Isle Of The Damned to pass through them
Einlanzer Isle Of The Damned (H) Move past Masamune into the Dead Sea
Station Pass Tower Of Geddon (H) Needed to access the area just beyond the train station
Prop Sword Tower Of Geddon (H) Needed for Pierre to gain Level 7 element
Medical Book Tower Of Geddon (H) Needed for Doc to gain Level 7 element
Tear Of Hate Termina (A) Show to Direa at Guldove (A) after getting all six relics
Decor Shield Viper Manor (A) Place on the statue that's missing a shield
Parlor Viper Manor (A) Enter room next to Norris' parlor room
Prison Key Viper Manor (A) Enter sewer areas under the manor
Sapphire Broach (A) Guldove (A) Show to Orhla after returning into Serge and she'll join you
Blue Relic Water Dragon Isle (H) Used with the other relics to enter the Sea of Eden
Explosive Earth Dragon Isle (H) Used to blast nearby Rockroaches
Yellow Relic Earth Dragon Isle (H) Used with other relics to enter the Sea of Eden
Red Relic Mount Pyre (A) Used with other relics to enter the Sea of Eden
Ancient Fruit Hydra Marshes (Any) Needed to enter Gaia's Navel when you call Wingapede with the Beeba Flute
Black Relic Marbule (A) Used with other relics to enter the Sea of Eden
White Relic Sky Dragon Isle (A) Used with other relics to enter the Sea of Eden
Dragon Emblem Guldove (A) Used to enter the Shrine in Guldove (H)
Dragon Tear Guldove (H) Used at the top of Fort Dragonia
Tear Of Love Fort Dragonia (H) Used with the Tear of Hate to get the Chrono Cross
Card Key Chronopolis Used to access floor B1 in Chronopolis
Chrono Cross Divine Dragon Falls (A) During the last battle cast this, to get the good ending, after elements have been cast in this order:Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black, then White
Ice Gun Lucca's House Used to put out the flames in the house
Time Egg Terra Tower Use at Opassa Beach (H) to fight the final boss