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This section will show you how can contact me using popular programs.  Before you go any further, I'd like to remind that you can also use the Feedback section to get in touch with me.  There are three different ways you can contact me which are listed as follows.  Click on them or scroll down to find out how you can use them:

ICQ Utilities.

ii.) AOL Instant Messenger.

iii.) Yahoo! Messenger.

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i.) ICQ Utilities:                                                    


ICQ ("I SEEK YOU") is a really cool program which lets you communicate with other ICQ users via text messages, voice messages, live chat; you can also send files, web URLs, greeting cards, and even make phone calls to other ICQ users! 

Here is an image of sample ICQ window which shows you its various benefits:

A view of what you can do with ICQ

If you look at the title bar in the above window, you can see that my ICQ number is 25658793, if you're an ICQ user and want to get in touch with me.

You can also get in touch me using the following ICQ panel box (certain facilities are also available to non-ICQ users):

Click here to visit Desi Munda's very own ICQ Personal Communication Center! Click here to go to ICQ's official website.
Click here to chat with me via ICQ! Click here to send me an ICQ message! Click here to me add me to your contact list!
Click here to send me page me via IICQ's WWpager! Click here to find out my personal details listed in the ICQ Whitepages! Click here to E-mail-Notify Me!

DesiZone is powered by the ICQ Respond-Online Panel  © 1999 ICQ Inc. All Rights Reserved.

If you have a running ICQ client (i.e., you are online on ICQ at present):
You may
Chat with Me (since my IP address is not present in my ICQ user info, this link will fail and you will not be able to chat with me; therefore, you must first message me, and then I may send you a chat request), ICQ Me (Message Me) and/or Add Me to your contact list.  Click on the appropriate links to do so.  If you're an Internet Explorer user, after clicking, if you're prompted to Open or Save As, select Open.  If you're a Netscape° user, after clicking, if you're prompted to Pick App or Save File, select Pick App and browse to the location of your ICQ.exe file (generally in C:\Program Files\ICQ\ICQ.exe).  Netscape Users may also be prompted to Open or Save As; in that case, they should select Open.

°Netscape Users should understand that DesiZone is best viewed with Internet Explorer 4+ as mentioned in the end of Main section.  A lot of the text and images come out distorted when Netscape Navigator or the AOL browser is used.  For more information, click here.

If you do not have an ICQ client (or even if you do):
You may
Page Me (or scroll down) to send me an ICQ webpager message through my Personal Communication Center, Zoom Me to view my ICQ Whitepages details and E-mail Notify Me (you may also E-mail me directly or use the Feedback section) or to send me an e-mail and notify me by ICQ

I also have my very own ICQ webpager that, as mentioned above, does not require for anyone to download ICQ to use.  So if you want to page me, just fill out the information correctly and click on Send Your Message.   If I am online, I should receive your message instantly.  And if I am offline at the moment, I'll receive it whenever I get online.  Please make sure to type your e-mail address correctly in order to receive a reply from me!

Desi Munda's World Wide Pager

Your Name: 
Your E-mail Address: 

Your Message:

Please note that only first 450 characters of the text will be paged.


Oh yeah, if you don't have ICQ, and want to download it, please go to, as linked from the panel above.

Before you move on to the next section, I would highly appreciate if you do not send me any hateful comments.  All questions, comments or concerns are welcome . . . but nothing hateful, please!


ii.) AOL Instant Messenger:


Though I do not have America Online (AOL) as my internet provider, I do use AOL Instant Messenger to keep in touch with a lot of my friends.  AOL IM is completely free for everyone to download; if you want to download it, you may want to go to, and look for the latest version of AOL IM in the download section.  If you're actually an AOL user, then you obviously don't have to download AOL IM, since it is one of the various features you get as for being an AOL user.

Oh yeah, one of the new version of AOL IM actually lets you send a receive files, and play games with other AOL IM users, who have downloaded that version.  This is a beta version, and if you wanna know more about it, go to I've already downloaded it, and it's pretty cool!

Here is a view of my AOL IM buddy list and chat window:

A view of my AOL IM Buddy List Window

In order to protect the privacy of my AOL IM 'buddies,' I took a screenshot of the AOL IM window when everyone was offline.  As you can see, I have made a group for myself; why, you may ask . . . so that I'll know what my warning level (a high warning level limits your use of AOL IM) is if I ever get "warned".  You see, one of the so-called buddies in my list actually finds warning people for no reason to be amusing (which pisses me off even more), so just in case he warns me, I'll know.  But just to let you know, I only warn people when they warn me first.  I have never gotten so pissed at anyone, as to actually warn them before they warned me!

Unless you haven't figured out by now, my AOL IM screen-name is Desi7Munda; so if you want to contact me, just add me to your list and wait for me to come online; or below you will find my very own AOL IM Remote Panel, with which you can contact me directly from this page!  Unlike the ICQ one, which has features for both ICQ non-ICQ users, the AOL IM Remote is designed only for AOL IM users (unfortunately, even AOL users can't use it).

Download AOL IM 2.0!AOL IM RemoteSend an Instant Message to DesiMunda (screen-name: Desi7Munda)!Add Desi Munda (screen-name: Desi7Munda) to Your Buddy List!Join Desi Munda's (screen-name: Desi7Munda) AOL IM Chat Room!Add AOL IM Remote to Your Page!

Using the AOL IM remote, you can Send Me an Instant Message, Add Me to Your Buddy List, or Join My Chat Room, directly from this page (hehe . . . I am repeating myself again, aren't I?)!  Needless to say, you will not be able IM me or Join a Chat Room, if I am offline!  Please remember that this panel is designed only for AOL IM users.  So, as mentioned earlier, you may go to in order to download AOL IM.  One more thing, if you're disconnected on your AOL IM, and you click on a choice that requires use of AOL IM, you will automatically be connected to it.  So the AOL IM Remote Panel is a really useful tool for people who don't know much about AOL IM, or they're just too lazy to open it, and use it!

Here is a look at the AOL IM window.  By the way, AFriendOfMine is just a fake screen-name that I made up myself using certain text and image-editing tricks.  I am pretty sure it isn't taken by anyone (though I haven't checked!).

A view of my AOL IM Chat Window

Oh yes, before you move on to the third and last way of contacting me, if you every plan on IMing me using AOL IM, please let me know that you found out about my screen-name out from this section of DesiZone.  And once again, please don't send me any hateful IM's otherwise I will be forced to put in my block list permanently (I have never put anyone permanently in the block list -- with one except -- that one dude who always thought it was funny to warn others for no real reason!).

NOTE: In about a week or so, I will be updating this section by adding an
AOL IM panel (something to similar to the ICQ one) using which AOL IM (and I am hoping AOL users as well) can send me AOL IM, chat with me, directly from the site!


iii.) Yahoo! Messenger:


Yahoo! Messenger is a really cool chatting program pretty much the same as AOL IM (in my opinion), but one of the features that Yahoo! Messenger has that AOL IM doesn't have is the voice chat feature which is really cool (especially when you're chatting with people in a completely different country!).  I have to tell you though that I rarely ever get to use Yahoo! Messenger, simply because very few people are on my list! 

Anyhow, this is how my Yahoo! Messenger and its chat window look like:

A screen-shot of my Yahoo! Messenger and its Chat Window

Yahoo! Messenger also comes with an automatic e-mail function (along with many other cool functions) which checks your Yahoo! e-mail whenever you want it to.  But you have to have a Yahoo! e-mail account to use that function.  Well, my Yahoo! ID being Desi7Munda (hehe . . . getting a feeling of déjà vu?).

Once again, AFriendOfMine is a Yahoo! ID that I made up using image-editing techinques.  You can also check out my Yahoo! profile if you click here, and you may download Yahoo! Messenger or get a Yahoo! e-mail account by going to


Before you leave the Contact Me section, please make sure you sign my guestbook, if you haven't signed it yet, and don't forget to check out rest of the links:



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