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Welcome to the My Love section -- one of the most important sections in DesiZone.  You see, when a lot of people got a view of DesiZone during the first few days of its commencement (when I hadn't even touched this section), they kept wondering for whom I am creating this section.  Well, here you have it; in a couple of minutes, I am going to declare my immense love for that one lucky (yeah right!) girl!

Almost every teenager I know is looking (or perhaps waiting) for that one special person that they would want to spend rest of their lives with.  Yep, in this world of confusion and chaos, they're trying to look for the one person who would come into their life, and make it worth living . . .

Well, I am sure you've anxiously been waiting (actually I am pretty sure you've already scrolled down and ruined the suspense) for me to spit out the name of that one girl . . . no, more like a woman, that I would die for.

Okay so if you scroll down just a little bit, you'll be able to see her picture -- something that speaks for itself; it will tell you more than I can ever say about her! 






Ready to see the picture of arguably the SEXIEST WOMAN ALIVE?  Well, too bad if you're not!  You're gonna have to see it anyway . . . Hehe . . . here ya go:

KAJOL - the Sexiest Woman Alive!


Umm . . . guys, please close your mouth and quit drooling all over your keyboard . . . and chicks, just because you're not as hot as she is, doesn't mean you should burn with jealousy!  Nah, hehe . . . I am just messing around with you!  (c: I am sure there are a lot of hotter chicks in this world than Kajol . . . But, unfortunately for those chicks (more like fortunately!), Kajol is the only one for me!

Well, not exactly . . .
What do I mean?  Okay, well let me first introduce her to those of you who don't know her.  You see, she is a Bollywood actress.  What's Bollywood?  Well, it's more or less the "Indian Hollywood," or the name given to Indian Film Industry.   And basically, my problem is that I find her to be the best actress ever in the history of Bollywood!!  

Okay, so all that talk about love . . . it's really true . . . you see, I am really madly in love with her.  [Attempting to get a tissue] But she has broken my heart!!  [Wiping out the tears]  She got married to this Indian actor who goes by the name of Ajay Devgan (MAN, he is one hell of a lucky guy!).  Yep, Kajol Mukherjee became Kajol Devgan sometime in the February of 1999.  When I found out about the secret wedding, my heart was shattered into pieces so small that you probably need a hi-tech microscope to see!

Alright, so lemme stop the bull crap.  Hehe . . . as you've probably figured out, I am not really in love with her.  I ain't letting any chick steal my heart that easily . . . if you know what I mean!  Actually, I just think that I am one of Kajol's biggest fan . . . or perhaps, her biggest fan ever!  You see, after watching the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (in which she was the leading actress) for about 35 times (until my mom accidentally taped over it), I have gained a tremendous amount of appreciation for her.  And I would be scared of any guy who doesn't feel the way I feel after watching that movie . . . if you know what I mean!  And I am not joking -- that movie really deserved all the awards it got!

Alright, so I admit it . . . I am actually very happy for Ajay Devgan.  I seriously hope that their marriage turns out to be successful . . . Hey, if they love each other, then they are obviously made for each other, right?   Yeah, I am really happy for them . . . (Jealous?  Me?  What the hell are you talking about?!?!  I ain't jealous, alright!?!?!  Wherever from did you get that idea!?!?)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot . . . wanna check check out Kajol and Ajay's secret (yep, very few people were invited!) wedding pictures?  You should see how she looks in her wedding dress . . . MAN!  So, if you want to check them out, please click here.

Speaking of weddings, you should seriously check out a wallpaper I have of Kajol dressed up as an Indian bride (from the end part of the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai) which is actually on my desktop right now!  Well, just scroll down a little bit, and you'll find a small thumbnail; click on it to go to the actual 800 600 wallpaper!  One thing about this wallpaper I'd like to share with you all, is that the time I first saw it, I got this feeling (NO . . . NO . . NOT THOSE TYPE OF FEELINGS, ALRIGHT!?!?  STOP THINKING PERVERTED, DAMN IT!) that if my wife dressed up like her during our wedding (that is, if I ever get married!) -- it would be just perfect!  And believe or not, my brother, Amit, said the exact thing to me all the way from Atlanta, Georgia (You see, I was so amazed by the wallpaper that I sent to him through ICQ, from back home)!  And I am sure a lot of (Desi) guys share the same feeling!  Alright let me shut up, and let you all view the wallpaper: 

Click on this thumbnail to get the wallpaper!

I put another wallpaper that I got off the 'net which you'll find as you scroll down.  It is another picture of her from the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.  See, I am looking for the wallpaper of that one scene in which Kajol (Anjali in the movie) is singing that one part of Ladki Badi Anjaani Hai song, which goes something like:

Paas Rehke Bhee Thee Doori;

Jaane Kaisee Thee Majboori;
Waqt Wo Bhee Ajeeb Tha;

Jab Tu Mere Kareeb Tha.

It's the one real sad part she's singing about her past with Shah Rukh Khan (Rahul) to him, even though he doesn't realize it.  Well it's during that part, that there is a scene in which she is shown with a black saree (traditional Indian dress), and she looked so hot (with those sad eyes, tilted face, and the wind blowing her hair).  That sad face has just killed me! It's one of the best moments in the movie!  I have tried looking everywhere I possibly could for the wallpaper of the movie only to face disappointment.  But, the following wallpaper is from the part of the song which is either a few seconds before or after the shot I am looking for!  Okay, so by any chance, if you happen to find the picture or wallpaper of that scene, please let me know (you may do so through the Contact Me or Feedback sections) as soon as possible!

Click on this thumbnail to get the wallpaper!

Unfortunately, when I am searching for wallpapers, I find so many websites all of which display all the wallpapers I have,  making it seem as if these are their own.  Well, I don't know where they originated from, so I am not sure who I should give the credit for it.  But just to let you all know, I didn't create any of them! 

Oh yes, if you know of some really cool websites where I can find other cool wallpapers or pictures of her, please let me know as soon as possible!

Thank you so much for visiting the My Love section!  Please remember to sign my guestbook, and also check out rest of the sections:



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