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I've grown my wings, I want to fly
Seize my victories where they lie
I'm going, T.K., but please don't cry--
Just let me find my way


GUESS WHAT? Go on, guess. You'll never get it! Go on, have a try. No? Okay, well, another question has been added to Ask Angemon! Yup yup! You were expecting something different? ~_^
posted 9/2/00
EVEN MORE! Yet another question has been added to Ask Angemon! Poor Angemon...~_^ And also, I've got up some wonderful fanart by Shampoo in the fanart section. If you're a fan of the Angel couple, I highly recommend you take some time to look at these sweet pictures.        posted 9/1/00
KEEEE! Another question has been added to Ask Angemon. Plus....it's my birthday! Yaaaay! ~_^
posted 8/31/00
ASK ANGEMON - has even more questions added to it's already long list! You might want to take a little peek at that. Or, if you're not in the mood for humor, I've added a wonderful new fanfic from ArcAngemon. Warning: It is not for those who aren't Angelslippers.   posted 8/30/00
IT'S OFFICIAL! Ask Angemon is now an official section on my site, (due to a large ammount of good reviews ^_^) and to cellebrate he shares his wisdom with two more people calling out for help! Also, guess who started school yesterday? Yep yep. So if updates and replies to your email become less frequent, blame my Algebra teacher.    posted 8/29/00
WOW... Someone actually submitted a question to Ask Angemon.....that was just kinda a joke, but oh well, it's a good one. I've posted it as well as Angemon's little reply. Er, heh. ^_^' Also, I didn't notice that I had +14000 hits...thanks! ^_^    posted 8/26/00
STUFF - Well, I've got a few things today. First of all, we've gotten a new affiliate...yay! Second of all, I won a new award. Thanks, Digi Kingdom! Third of all, I've put up a new fanfic. I was sent two more but for some reasom my computer seems to be having problems uploading fanfics, so they came through as a bunch of fhuiwe symbols. O.O (This is also apparent in the large spaces between paragraphs) Fourth of all, the discussion board is back up! (does anybody use that anyways?) And lastly, I've gotten two new buttons and a banner! Joy! These look much better than the last. : P Oh yeah, my email's back online too! ^_^ posted 8/18/00
THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN UP a month ago, but my computer just had to errase my site. Anyways, when I found out about this I was very excited and wanted to share the news with you all right away, but according to this information's source, I'm not supposed to share this news in public. And so, if you don't want the news of Angemon's confirmed mega spoiled, then don't click on this here link.    posted 8/17/00
YARRGHH! Well, I'm back...sort of. I would have updated about a month ago but my computer errased my site's file, so I have to make it all over again! Please bear with me while I try to get everything going once more, and I'm sorry if any artwork/fanfics/poems, etc. were lost in the process. (Don't get mad, I lost some of my works as well *patiently waits for the cheering to die down*)  I'd appreciate it if the authors who have submitted their work to me would submit it again...I'm trying my hardest to get everything back here. I took down the Digidestined section because you can find those everywhere, and this is an Angel shrine anyways. The picture archives are going to be a while in comming, and I'm going to have to start all over again on the thumbnails. @_@ The discussion board is also down, because I can't get the HTML code for it. Why's that? Because my email's down too! If you're going to email me, send all messages to digi_angel@yahoo.com. I know I'm forgeting something here, but that's the main stuff...What a headache.        posted 8/14/00

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