About Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII is one of the games from a large series of RPGs. Final Fantasy VI is said to be the best of all the Final Fantasy games but unfortunatly I've never played it.

The Story

Final Fantasy VII has a great story..... ummmm.... it'll take me ages to explain it all so I'll just tell you a little about it. It has everything you could dream of in it. It has action, romance, betrayal, adventure, cross dressing and much more. Yes Cloud does cross dress! There is a lot about the Ancients, Meteor, Weapons, Jenova, Mako and Shinra. I won't tell you all about them because that'll ruin the story.


Magic is better known as materia. Different materia means that you can cast different spells and one materia can enable you to do about three different spells. You can Summon monsters, attack using the elements, learn spells from your enemeys, manipulate, steal and defend your team.

Chocobos and Mogs

Chocobos and Mogs are the two creatures in Final Fantasy VII. Mogs do nothing but chocobos can play a large roll. You can race them and breed them to get the ultimate summon materia Knights of the Round. Mogs like a bit like a fat cat and chocobos are brightly coloured birds.

Sorry but there is still more to come on this page!