Name: Cloud Strife

Age: 21

Birth place: Nibleheim

Birthday: August 19th

After leaving Soldier Cloud becomes a mercenary and gets hired by Avalanche to blow up the Mako reacters. Could has quite a bad temper but don't be put of by it.

Limit Break: Omnislash

Ultimate Weapon: Ultima Weapon

Name: Aeris Gainsborough

Age: 22

Birth Place: Unknown

Birthday: February 7th

Areis is a flower girl working in Midgar. Not long after she meets Cloud they get chased by the Turks and her reson for constantly being searched for by the Turks is unbelievable.

Limit Break: Great Gospel

Ultimate Weapon: Princess Guard

Name: Barrett Wallace

Age: 35

Birth Place: Corel Village

Birthday: December 15th

Barrett is head of Avalanche. Barrett has a young daughter called Marleen. He used to mine coal but since Shinra have created Mako reacters he lost his job.

Limit Break: Catastrophe

Ultimate Weapon: Missing Score

Name: Tifa Lockheart

Age: 20

Birth Place: Nibleheim

Birthday: May 3rd

Tifa is Clouds childhood friend and when Cloud left Nibleheim Tifa made him promise that if she was ever in trouble he'd save her. Does Cloud keep this promise or has it already been forfilled?

Limit Break: Final Heaven

Ultimate Weapon: Premium Heart

Name: Red XIII

Age: 47

Birth Place: Cosmo Canyon

Birthday: Unknown

RedXIII is the most intelligent member in the game even if he doesn't look it. He's also known as Nanaki and is ashamed of his father after the war at Cosmo Canyon.

Limit Break: Cosmo Memory

Ultimate Weapon: Limited Moon

Name: Cait Sith

Age: Unknown

Birth Place: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

What is a cat doing riding a big fat mog? Cait Sith tells fortunes among many other things.

Limit Break: Slots

Ultimate Weapon: HP Shout

Name: Cid Highwind

Age: 32

Birth Place: Unknown:

Birthday: February 22nd

Cid's dream is to fly. He wanted to be the first man in space but the mission was a failier. Cid is left with the tiny bronco is ruined he feels he has nothing else.

Limit Break: Highwind

Ultimate Weapon: Venus Gospel

Name: Vincent Valentine

Age: 27

Birth Place: Unknown

Birthday: October 13th

Vincent is a dark and mysterious character. He is a victim of Prof. Hojo's horrible experiments.

Limit Break: Chaos

Ultimate Weapon: Death Penalty

Name: Yuffie Kisaragi

Age: 16

Birth Place: Wutai

Birthday: November 20th

Yuffie is a Ninja and a bit of a thief. When she's not trying to steel from you she is a good fighter for her age.

Limit Break: All Creation

Ultimate Weapon: Conformer

Name: Sephiroth

Age: Unknown

Birth Place: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

Sephiroth is Clouds old idol but now Cloud is out to kill him. Where did Sephiroth come from? With his powers is he really human? I'll leave you to find out more about him