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"When seeking a good wine, a good find is one with a proper balance of
taste, acidity, and weight. When seeking a good poet, a good find is one
who presents unusual poems with interesting imagery, and offers a pleasant
speaking voice and demeanor. I believe that G. Nicholas Myers is one of the
poets active in the New Jersey poetry scene who frequently strikes the right
balance between excellent craft and presentation. In a poetry scene that
has seen good helpings of Thunderbird and Mad Dog 20/20, I'd put G. Nicholas
in the same league as a soothing Merlot: if he presents something that
hasn't struck my fancy, he's still interesting - and when he's at his peak,
he's fascinating."

David Messineo
Publisher/Executive Editor
Sensations Magazine

"G. is a breath of fresh air on the poetry scene. He is doing something that can help poetry make the jump to the 21st century. He dances wonderfully between zen, physics and women and makes the listener wonder why he never before saw the connection between them. And all his poems form a cohesive and brilliant whole when performed live... a chance to glimpse into a universe where time and space meet for lunch by the river. Joel Allegretti's guitar accompaniment is the icing on the cake. His truly-inspired guitar paintings are the waterfall in which G.'s poetry can swim."

Phil a.k.a. Jaguar M.C.

"Dear Gene,

You really have a great flair. The concision, wordplay, and
complexity of these poems are something that pleases me most about my
favorite poetry. You use Surrealism as a base, a given, without making it
so obvious and falsely arcane. Good work."

John Trause
Museum of Modern Art

"In the poetry of G. Nicholas Myers, nothing is arbitrary. Every noun, every verb, every semicolon, even the spaces between the words - all are scrupulously considered, and all carry hidden implications that slowly surface with each re-reading of a poem. A three-line poem by Myers can be as profound as a 500-page novel."

Joel Allegretti
Author of The Plague Psalms

"...definitely a poet's poet."

Eddie Rivera,