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Welcome to Sticks weB! The home away from home to hip artists everywhere! New on Sticks weB is the "!Spotlight!" section. Here, you will find links to featured artists. You will get a sampling of what they do, as well as bios, contact info and show dates!

On the radio...

"The Shape of Things to Come" 89.1 WFDU FM presents
The Rift Arts Forum Spotlight Premier
12/23 special guest poet: G. Nicholas Myers
original poetry and interview *live* between 6pm-9pm.

The purpose of this site? Shameless self-promotion? Well, Sure! But also, because I am fortunate enough to know many talented artists, I figure this would be a good format to bring together the finest poets, musicians, actors & artists of all kinds in the Tri-State area... With links to band like: Darby Jones and Nova Social, writers like: John Chorazy & Matthew Boroson, a strong support system has been established.

Thanks to everyone for a great start!

-G. "Sticks" Nicholas Myers

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