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All of the poems on this page were written by G. Nicholas Myers. light is healing itself of the when in the well;
In the well --Eyedark, a moon state
of lunatic clear sounds, emerges.

He tasted the river
She brought to him.

He was surrounded.

Myself Left Over From Yesterday

I used to be in asbestos abatement,
not a bad racket for a hologram to be in.
Then, one day, the law enforcement came along
and it was conscious love against the aging
all over again. King David was quoted as saying,
"Life is a bowl of cherries -Some in; some out."
A young nurse was the only thing to keep him warm.
And, so now, a man is what he sets out upon.
And a nurse in the arms is worth two in the bush.
I suppose... But why stop there?

We are a rebellious house.
Rebellion is in our blood.
Not mad rebellion,
But the kind that sits on a mountaintop.

Lying with a skinny girl
under a dark sky
A sullen girl
In a wide open field
A dark girl
under a December sky
filled with dark stars...

I feel an edge of blonde against me,
Lying with a skinny girl
Under a wide open sky.

Kristy Flying

Laying her on the ground won't help...
I've seen her cash her checks
and check her cash...

It's all a watery kind of dream for her--
Where life jackets look like water
Water is just too available...

Too propositioning...

(To the wrists, it's only a soft hit or miss.)

Laying her on the ground won't help.
It's just space.
Their space,
against a black hole sitting on a curb.

Seeking an immediate response
I tell her we are salted with fire.
She said nothing all night...
Then, because it was cold, I told her
The police and slaves have made a fire
beneath the laurel tree.
And it went nowhere, all night...

Growing tired, I finally suggest we return to the well.
I look outside and see the road has disappeared.
She knows me...


A small boy lies
impaled on an iron-rod fence.

This is no kind of dream.

He knows he is there,
he can feel it.

The Human Night

Over time the amount of matter we can see and discuss will decrease.
The number of words will diminish the number of worlds we can reach--
The amount of energy we can see...
The last stars will die out.

All objects not at our sides, tonight on this beach, will no longer be
accessible after this longing.