Battle Beyond The Stars: A Movie Ripe For Rediscovery

BBTS goodies

For all extreme fans. Enjoy!

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CLICK HERE for a sample of the main theme music!

CLICK HERE for Sador's declaration against the Akira!

CLICK HERE to hear Nell bring Shad down a notch or two!

CLICK HERE to hear St. Exmin discuss her favorite subject!

Caymen's head-on appointment with Sador - on video!

CLICK HERE to witness Caymen's last-ditch attack on Sador!

CLICK HERE for Shad's and Nanelia's discussion of other races'...activities.

CLICK HERE for a detailed analysis of a hot dog, courtesy of Nestor!

CLICK HERE to hear Sador threaten an unmoved Nestor!

"He didn't want to fight...but he came anyway." - Shad