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My little family; my entourage - traveled with me for nearly twenty years.


Like a Like a lady I greatly admire, Doris Day, I can never forget my dear friends, and so I pay tribute to them here. They love music and encourage it too!

To the right are my present friends and companions -
(l. to r.) Tennie, 1, Pennsy, 4, and Theo, 15.

Merry Christmas 2007 from White Haven

My dear little girl came to me as a tiny kitten and stayed for nearly twenty years. Sadly, she left us on January 2nd of this year.  Sabrina was born in Washington, DC in May of 1987. She was a beautiful swirl tabby and very smart. Her life story will be told in Sabrina, The Autobiography of a Cat, to be released April 2008.

(c) 1988 Michelle Russell

Theo was born in Washington, DC on May 3rd, 1992.  Having lost his mother a few days after his birth, Theo, along with his brother and six sisters were raised on the bottle. Because of this, Theo's behavior is not quite like other cats. He used to play catch like a dog. He is very vocal with his opinions, but generally does what he is told to do.
For eleven years, Theo shared life with he beloved mate, Blossom. Her passing it was very difficult for him. He enjoys life with his adopted son, Pennsy, and daughter, Tennie.

Ready for Another Trip?
Theo and Pennsy - Buddies at Last

Pennsy (named Pennsylvania) showed up at our doorstep in the freezing snow of the Poconos, November 2003.  His nose had been burnt.  Now he is a thriving part of the family and brings us lots of laughs.


Blossom, Sabrina's granddaughter, received her name because she was delicate and shy like a Japanese cherry blossom. Blossom's grandfather was a rich white cat who lived in the mansion originally built in the 1800s for the Mayor of Washington, DC.  Our dear Blossom left us in November of 2003.  There is not a day that we don't miss her, or remember her love. She made our house a home.

A cat; Actual size=240 pixels wide
Blossom smiling.

(c) 20006 Michelle Russell

The Trio
(c) 2007 Michelle Russell

Tennie hails from Tennessee. She was born in approximately December of 2007. She is said to be possibly a Bengal cat. She likes to climb and is very affectionate. She's also very bold with the boys, but they love her! She arrived on our doorstep in May 2007 and never left.