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Hooked on Phonetics

Independent research (Shapiro & Associates, June 1998) shows that 95% of parents say Hooked on Phonics easy to use, 95% would recommend it to a friend and 92% would buy it again for their child. Most importantly, 86% saw dramatic improvement in their child’s reading ability and a vast majority (80%) saw improvement in their child’s reading in 4 weeks or less! Who can argue with results like that!

Hooked on Phonics works because it is based on the proven method of phonics instruction with great books to get children right into reading. The creators of Hooked on Phonics are some of the best minds in the educational community and most gifted authors and illustrators of children's books. And children love Hooked on Phonics because the heartwarming and zany characters in their books bring reading to life.

 If you are interested in learning more about  this wonderful tool that could make a huge difference in your child’s life or in purchasing it please click here Hooked on Phonetics   or on the banner below.

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