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This is a section of our site that is devoted to miscellaneous learning topics.
Instructional Design (ID)
While I worked at Lockheed in Sunnyvale, California  in the Information Processing Division, I witnessed how the technology rapidly changed with time, and with it the need for constant updating of technical skills. I did graduate work at San Jose State University in Instruction Technology to learn more about Instructional Design. I believe that is a subject for everyone, not just specialists, because instruction is something we are all involved with either on the receiving or giving end. To find out more about ID click here Instruction Design
We're working on a site called (which is still under construction) where individuals can exchange information about great training resources for which this site will be a gateway.  For more on this and related topics, click here:  savvylearners


Japanese Ways
Although my wife was born in Canada, she is of Japanese descent, and that fact and their approach to education fosters my interest in things Japanese.  I've started with a few samplings of Japanese culture Japanese Ways and a study on the Japanese Educational System Japanese Education .


Web Publishing
Web publishing is of interest because it tops off the revolution started in the printing trade with desktop publishing. Not only does everyone now have the technology to do cost effective page making, we now have ability to publish worldwide thanks to the Internet. Click here for more: Publishing on the Internet


Czech learning ways and the California Czech and Slovak Club
My interest in this topic is based on the odyssey of  my folks who sailed  past the Statue of Liberty on their trip across the Atlantic from what was then called  Czechoslovakia, a suburb of the Hapsburg Empire which became independent state consisting of Czech and Slovak  territories after the First World War. It is now called the Czech Republic, and it is  recovering from 40 years of ideological siege by Communist Russia. Slovakia is now an independent country. For more information click here, CCSC   

Background of the author of this Web site
My name is Hank Javora. Javora is the Czech word  for maple. I was involved in computer hardware and software procurement and corporate contract negotiation for many years. I hesitate to say that I  knew hardware when it was really hardware because it links me to the age of the computer dinosaurs. What could a dinosaur lover have to say about millennium PCs? Yes, I actually walked into the CPU of the first computer that I operated one of the first Universal Automatic Computers or UNIVACs, as they were called. The magnetic tapes were made of metal and their servos used fish string for cable. The console had a myriad of flip-flop switches that were used to input instructions in octal. The CPU module had walls of electron tubes that enclosed the mercury delay-line memory circuits  - the transistor had not yet been invented. During my stay, the parade of hardware and software marched on inexorably. 

Every five years the whole kit and caboodle was replaced and between major hardware cleanings there were interim replacements of peripherals. The maintenance problem was not trivial. Engineers had to be on standby. What was interesting was that over time the big computer fish got eaten by the little fish. No longer did you need the power of Hoover dam to keep the machines running. The parade keep going on and on like the energized bunny. With Alice in Wonderland, we had to run to watch the parade in the same place. Now, at best, you can get a glimpse here and there as something that catches your eyes passes by. Because of my experience, I'm well aware of the value of a good source for computer hardware, software, and instruction. If you are interested be sure visit our Hand Technology site.

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