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Nothing in education is so astonishing as the amount of ignorance it accumulates in the form of inert facts.
Henry Brooks Adams


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Doing It:
For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.


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Animated Tutorials
Tennis instruction on the net

Artificial Intelligence
A gateway to AI sites

The place to go to see what you know about Asian Americans.

A gateway to biotechnology information

Calculator Programs 
Software for graphic calculators to help in SAT tests.

Cafe Progressive
Many links on education reform and pedagogy

The California Czech and Slovak Club A non-profit club that sponsors the preservation of Czech and Slovak cultures in the United States.

A gateway to chaos and fractals. A great site.

The chemistry is here.

The International Centre of Films for Children and Young people. Centre international du Film pour L'Enfance et la Jeunesse

Class Notes 1
Get or make class notes.

Class Notes 2
Get or make class notes.

Class Notes 3
Get or make class notes

College Admission
This article provides good tips for highschoolers planning to go to college.

Computer Training Courses
Great online training courses at very affordable prices including 50 approved Mocrosoft courses for MCP/MCSE professional certifications.

Customer Complaints
One of the best articles we've seen on handling customer complaints.

If you are doing software development for web-based projects, check this fine resource out.

Distance Education Clearing House
Links and resources for distance learning.

Educational Information
A master site for educational information originating out of the United Kingdom for students, parents and teachers.. 

Educational Resources
The Pacific Bell Knowledge Network Explorer offers a comprehensive list of Blue Ribbon learning sites.  

English Learning Resource
This site provides three versions of CNN San Francisco bureau news stories:  full, abridged (which simplifies more complex ideas) and outlined (which lists the story's  main points). Several activities are provided that let readers test their comprehension. 

English to Czech
An excellent dictionary that translates Czech into English and vice versa. I looked for the translation of our word 'trouble' and found, not to my surprise, that there are lots of Czech words for that expression. 

Environmental Sites
Gateway to environmental studies

Firewall Sofware 1
ConSeal PC Firewall

Firewall Software 2
ZoneAlarm 2.0 

Free Application for Federal Student Aid
FAFSA filing online.. See the link for student aid
sources below.

Free Books Online
Over 10,000 books!

Guide for New Web Users
Imajika's Guide

Hand Technology
A great source for computer hardware, training, software and more.

A good resource for home schooling information.

Homework Central
Many thousands of links to knowledge on the Internet. 

Instructional Authoring Tools
For these tools, the Macromedia site is a good place to start.

Instructional Design Clearinghouse
A great site if your interested in Instructional Design.

Internet Guide for Parents
This U.S. Dept. of Education article introduces the Internet to parents and suggests how they can allow their children to tap into the wonders of the Internet while safeguarding them from its potential hazards. A Spanish version  is also available.

Intuition Network
Intuition led us to add this link.

Japanese Language Lessons
Free online lessons including sound. Now there are 16 lessons and they are working on more. You will learn simple expressions and how to read hiragana and katakana.

For answers to questions  about web training tools, training budgets, evaluation of Web-based training, current trends, and the like click here.

The Institute for Language Experience, Experiment, and Exchange. This organization sponsors community-based clubs that gather to share languages, songs, and games from other cultures. There is also a family host exchange program and a research institute. We highly recommend the publications of the institute to students of mathematics, physics, and biology.

Medical Information
General information given by doctors with pointers to good information on the Internet.

Mineral Galleries
Pictures and descriptions.

Promoting Your Website
Here's a good place to go to promote your site(s). Robert Woodheads site contains lots of facts that are definitely not inert.

Publishing on the Web
An interesting home business opportunity

Science and Mathematics Education Resources
Lots of links

Science Museums
If your looking for a science museum.

Searches for Images
A search engine that uses a picture-to-text pattern matching system that gathers both images and textual information.

Sports Medicine
Information on general sports medicine and answers to questions by certified athletic trainers.

Student Aid
Free source of student aid sources. See filing you FAFSA online above on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid above. 

Sun Educational Services
You can learn Java programming and the Solaris system at  both in the classroom and on the Web.

U.S. - Japan Studies
The National Clearinghouse for U.S.-Japan Studies, an adjunct-ERIC Clearinghouse, specializes in providing educational information about Japan.

Web Graphics
If you are interested in learning about Web graphics and about software like  Flash 4 Web animation, and you can attend classes in Southern California, expert Lynda Weinman, author of Designing Web Graphics, offers Adobe-certified  and other graphics oriented fare.

Web Merchant Credit Card Acceptance
If you need to accept credit cards or electronic checks, here is a source with experience.

World times
Click here to find the time at different places in the world

If you are looking for some rules of English grammar, here's the place.

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