"Some people aren't meant to fit into your life no matter how much you want them to."

10.17.2000--Hey guys..Sorry for the slowness of updates. I now have Betrayal completely up on the story page. I think I'm either going to work on the sequel, A Thing Called True Love, or the pictures today. Pics are gonna be a nightmare! ahh! lol I had PSATS today..I never thought I was sooo dumb until today! grr..owell. Anyway, chill here & enjoy! Oh, by the way, u guys like my lil cursor? =) hehehe its a cutieeeee! Oh & guys, if u get a chance, gimme a call! the toll free +everything changes number is 1-877-735-5599 ext. 670. Much luv guys! =)

Would you rather be Zac, Tay, or Ike's best friend or their girlfriend?
Definitely their chica
best friend..u could flirt & talk about everything too!

It seems as though, so far, 50% of you would want to be the gurlie, and 50% of you would want to be the BFF..Keep sending in your polls!

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Okay, who knows what happened to the Millennium awards. I emailed the girl a good month ago and asked what was going on, but nothing ever came back. Who knows. I took down the info though. Maybe I can get myself into some other award run...

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I have one more thing to ask from you before you get clicking. If you really like this page, please pass the link onto your friends, submit it to newsletters, nominate it in contests, whatever you like! I'd really like to make a success of this page! What's my motivation you ask? I have but only two. Hanson and you guys.


















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I thought this was cute...I got it from a n/l...I'm not sure which one though.

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