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PMB 242


June 2018


              Time passes quickly and we are already at the end of May.  As you know, it has been some time since a newsletter has gone out.  The Deputy Chief and I have been in a lengthy process of moving.  This has been quite an ordeal, especially when one must downsize.    Now, hopefully we are pretty much organized and can put that behind us and move on to other things.

We recently learned that our beloved Deputy Chief Arlie Strong has passed away.  He will be greatly missed.  Arlie was a dedicated tribal member and he loved his nation very much and looked forward to the day when we would gain federal recognition.  Unfortunately, this did not happen in his lifetime, but I have no doubt that he is looking down and cheering us on to reach that goal and cross over the line to make a touchdown for the tribe. 

We have also lost another beloved tribal leader and Head Elder of our nation, Mike Ballard. We very much miss Mike as we relied on him many times to help guide us in spiritual matters.  Mike and Council Woman, Connie Ballard has been a great team working together for the tribe.   Now, Connie is picking up and doing what she can for now to continue in the work that she and Mike were doing. Due to her loss, Connie has needed to heal and learn to live without her mate and to continue on with activities they did as a team.  For awhile she was unable to continue with our web site, but she is strong and dedicated and is now getting ready to pick up where she and Mike left off.   I might also add that there will be two web sites going: the main web site that we have always had and Deputy Chief, Pitter is also creating one.

You may have noticed that for some time, there has been little activity going on with the tribal government and our citizens.  Much of this has been due to loss of loved ones and lack of participation from our people, (tribal members) now, your tribal government has once again survived hurdles and we are ready to pick up and move our tribe forward.  BUT, we need your help.

To bring you up to date, we held a council meeting a few months ago at which time we discussed problems and possible solutions.

Due to the loss of our Deputy Chief, we added our former council person Glinda “Pitter” Seabaugh of SE Missouri, to this position.   Deputy Chief Pitter has been involved with the tribe for many years and is experienced in what a tribe is and what needs to be done.  She has already proven to be an asset to our nation.  I am expecting many good things as she continues to work for the nation.

NOW I WISH TO ADDRESS SOME PROBLEMS, which I feel can no longer be ignored.   I feel it is my responsibility to alert you to these problems.  Then you can make your own decisions. I absolutely do not wish to cause any conflicts with anybody or another group, but I have been involved with our tribe since the beginning and have played a big part in our accomplishments.  I am merely going to present to you the facts, which you can check for yourself and make your own decisions.

As you know for some time we have been unable to obtain funding through Administration for Native Americans.  This funding is hard to get and is very competitive, especially since funds are limited.  Nevertheless, I feel much of our being turned down was due to our no longer having a web site up and running.  As mentioned earlier, this is being resolved, and, possibly the confusion of another group who insists on using our name.  This has no doubt confused many people.

 I hardly ever visit the web sites on the internet, but recently I did visit one of the sites that the other group who has stolen our name and claims to be Northern Cherokee has up.  No wonder we are seeing so much disinterest from our members, if they frequent these sites and this groups pow wow’s.  I think it is vital that I ONCE AGAIN address this issue and to try and come up with a resolve.

In this newsletter I do not intend to rehash all the things that have happened in the past.  If anyone is interested in this, they can read all about it in my book “We Are Not Yet Conquered.”  To those who have this, you can read what I am about to write and see the proof of what I have to write is there.

              On more than one occasion, there have been individuals who have attempted to use our tribe as a way to make money for themselves.  This was especially true after they learned we had received a small grant.  Then too often a tribe is viewed as a means for gambling.  From the very beginning, the group and those who were involved in the illegal election had one thing on their mind and that was how to use the tribe to make money for themselves and to bring in gambling.  It is no secret that they had hopes of bringing in gambling.  This is a proven fact that was written in a newspaper article. When asked about what I say, they will tell you that I was a disgruntled LOSER of the election and that is why I refuse to step down from the tribe.  You can be assured I was indeed a disgruntled person when I learned what was going on and I and those who stood with me fought to keep this group from taking over the tribe. But, this didn’t stop them. They continued on as though they had every right to steal someone’s identity plus all the hard work we have done.  Now many of those who helped in our achievement have walked on and I feel I need to set the record straight; not only for us who are still here but also for them.

              I am thinking that those who are running the other group today may not be fully aware of what took place back then, so I am giving them the benefit of the doubt and am attempting to let them know the truth. Someone obviously does not have a good understanding of what a Northern Cherokee is, because on one of their web sites, somebody wrote that  I AM NOT A NORTHERN CHEROKEE.

After the illegal election, Carl Griggs (now deceased) and his helper Ann Woolery who worked in the Secretary of State Office, attempted to steal our corporation for starting bingo. “Be sure your sins will find you out.”  A person who I had not previously known, but for some reason came in contact with, advised me of what was taking place.  I then contacted the Secretary of State Office to alert them to this, and from there it went to the Missouri Gaming Commission who got involved and investigated this group.  I can’t say why they felt they had evidence against them but for some time they were active in trying to find out what they were doing.  I do not know what came from this, but I do know that Griggs and Woolery were indicted by a Cole County Grand Jury for attempting to steal our corporation.   This information as well as the documents are in my book if you care to read pages 205-206.

After getting a copy of someone’s ID card which this group is obviously “selling”, I realized they were using our corporation to make claim to being a state recognized tribe.  Let me clear up this false information. Missouri does not accept any tribe as being recognized.  If they did it would be our tribe, The Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory, BECAUSE, IT IS OUR NOT FOR PROFIT CORPORATION, OUR GOVERNOR’S PROCLAMATIONS AND OUR HOUSE RESOLUTION, they are making claim to.  SEEMS TO BE THEY ARE TEETERING ON THE EDGE OF ONCE AGAIN ATTEMPTING TO STEAL OUR CORPORATION.  Last I heard was that we are the ONLY GROUP WITH THESE DOCUMENTS AND THEREFORE IF ANY GROUP  HAS THE RIGHT TO CLAIM STATE RECOGNITION, IT IS US. 

The seal this group is using is one that was designed by Richard Craker and who presented it to the tribal council at our meeting in Fairplay, MO, for our consideration.   However, after discussion we voted to continue with our original seal with the leaning feather.  Our seal is the first and original, and our constitution and by-laws were created in 1978-79, which we continue to use.

I recently read that this group is seeking federal recognition.  Don’t be fooled by this either.

In order to gain Federal Recognition, a group must meet seven criteria.  Due to limited space, I won’t list them all here, but I will list only two which will keep this group from being able to achieve this.

1-The petitioner has been identified as an American Indian entity since 1900.

              The other group cannot meet this criterion because their existence began after the illegal election in 1990.  The only way they can meet this criteria is to steal our corporation, which they are currently doing by making claim to state recognition and showing these documents as evidence.

We can meet this criterion.

2-A predominant portion of the petitioning group comprises a distinct community.

              From what I have read, they cannot meet this criterion either. I remember that a few years ago, this group did petition for federal recognition after the illegal election and was turned down. Reason being was they were enrolling any and everybody who wanted to join their group.  The new regulation also states:  It excludes “An entity that previously petitioned and was denied federal acknowledgment under these regulations or under previous regulations in part 83 of this title (including reconstituted, splinter, spin-off or component group s that were once part of a previously denied petitioner).”

I should include that we did send in our petition but was not turned down.  Rather, we were advised to get our enrollment process in better condition and then resubmit our petition.  At the request of the Acknowledgment Dept.  I made a trip to Washington, DC, with several copies of our enrollment forms to present how we did our enrollment process, which evidently satisfied the viewers.  I was told to work on our enrollments and then again present our petition.

              We can meet this criterion

I think I have written enough about federal recognition to show the other group cannot gain recognition.   I conclude that WE ARE THE ONLY GROUP IN MISSOURI WHO CAN ACHIEVE THIS BECAUSE WE CAN MEET ALL THE CRITERIA

 I have laid out the facts and it is up to you who read this to do what you want.  Keep in mind that in order to enroll with us, you must be able to show you have a Cherokee ancestor who came west of the Mississippi; i.e., The Old Louisiana Territory.  We do meet this criterion by adhering to our Enrollment Ordinance.

              You may wonder, if we can meet each criterion, then why have we not gotten federal recognition.  The answer is, we did submit a petition; however as mentioned earlier, because we had some discrepancies in our enrollment; i.e., duplicate roll numbers and those who viewed what we had, felt that the way we had our members in Family Tree Maker would make it harder for them to understand, they requested that we put this information into an Access Program, which we are currently doing.  But, that has not been our biggest problem.  Every time we get close to crossing that goal line, here comes some who want to start their own tribe, usually for self gain, which then throws us back.  We make one step forward and are pushed back two.  I think we have now learned how to deal with these troublemakers by sending them down the road.  It’s time for us to come together as one people and make this happen. 

              I have repeatedly told you that I will do my best to help make recognition a reality, but this can’t happen until the current problem is resolved and our citizens come to join us as one people all going in the same direction.  It is up to you.  We also invite the other group who likes to use our name to join us and come under our government.   However, all those who they have enrolled may not qualify for enrollment with us.  But, we will do our best to help with their genealogy to see if they can meet criteria.

              What is something you can do?

Council Representatives: If you are interested in being on our council to represent the district you live in, contact us at the address on this newsletter.  You could be chosen to be a representative for your district who will sit on the Main Tribal Council. 

VERY IMPORTANT:  In order to correct our enrollment, we have begun the process of creating and updating our Official Tribal Roll.  Those members who have kept us informed of a proper address will be placed on this roll. Eventually, you will receive another ID Card that will not have “Temporary Roll”.  However, keep in mind that an official ID card “Certified Degree of Indian Blood” can only come after federal recognition.  If you have moved and have not sent us your updated information, you will not be placed on our Official Roll.  Rather you will be kept on the current roll, which will enable you to get on our Official Roll at the time you submit your correct updated information.  This information must reach the tribal office and, it is important for you to contact your Representative and give them your up to date information.  Remember, the Representative is there to represent you and to bring your ideas, concerns and complaints to the Council Table.


Like everything else, we must increase the fee for our newsletter due to the expense of printing and postage.  We will now charge a fee of $15 per year.  Those who send in donations of $20 or more a month will not have to pay extra for their letter.

The only funding we receive are donations that a faithful few send.   We are very grateful


Each year since 1983, we have held our annual Northern Cherokee Day celebration.  Unfortunately, we have been pretty lax on this lately.  We realize that many like to attend pow wows and to see the dancers and hear the music.  However, the tradition of OUR Cherokee People has been FAMILY REUNIONS.  We will be in the planning stage of holding another reunion in the coming months.  If we can acquire the funding, we could also include dancers for this event.


                                                                                      TRIBAL GOVERNMENT:

                                                                                      Beverly Baker Northup, Principal Chief

                                                                        Glinda “Pitter” Seabaugh, Deputy Chief,

                                                                                      Web Site

                                                                        Eric Lancaster, Representative,

                                                                        Sharon Morris, Representative,

                                                                        Connie Ballard, Kansas Representative,






Northern Cherokee Nation of the

Old Louisiana Territory


3305 Clark Lane PMB 242

Columbia, MO 65202



3305 Clark Lane, PMB 242

Columbia, MO 65202


December 2017




Happy Holiday Greetings to one and all.  As we are approaching a new year, I am encouraged that this will be the year when we will realize our goals and to become a more prosperous nation. This we can accomplish with the finalization of getting all of our enrollments and documents submitted to the Bureau of Indian Affairs.


As most of you probably already know, we have submitted our petition for federal recognition; however, the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) is giving us the opportunity to get our enrollments up to date and in the order they prefer, along with allowing us time to submit more documentation to show and give strength to our legitimacy.  This, your tribal government is dedicated to accomplish.


PROBLEMS WE HAVE ENCOUNTERED that have slowed us down are certainly nothing new; this has been going on for 30 years.  It seems that we must be doing something right, because every time we get close to our goals, there is something or someone who wants to always pull us down and make claim to what we have.  But, like the Phoenix that rose from the flames, we continually get up, dust off and continue onward.  And in spite of all this, we continue to make progress.


I have little doubt that we can and will meet all the criteria for federal recognition.  However, we are only as strong as our membership and we need your participation to show this strength.  Not only that, but this is your tribe and government and you not only have the right to speak, it is your obligation.  So, please let us hear from you!!  Get involved in your local meetings and support your tribal council person.  If you don’t have anyone to represent your area, let us know.  Perhaps you could fill that position.



A FEW YEARS AGO, ONE OF OUR BELOVED MEN, Dewey Neal, came up with the idea of having Cherokee Promoters.  These Promoters were to pledge regular contributions to the tribe to help support it.  This worked, and once again, I am asking that we revive this. As a Cherokee Promoter, you will be acknowledged for your contribution(s).


The timing is critical.  We need donations for an office.  We want federal recognition,   Now, there are not funds to do this and your help is needed. And, of course, there are other office expenses for newsletters, etc. We all can understand the cost of most everything these days and I won’t go into every little detail.


 I feel such a burden to bring our nation back on its feet and not be put down and ignored any longer.  I feel a burden to have the education system recognize that our children have their own culture disadvantage in the public schools. The politicians like to use the phrase, “No Child Left Behind.”  What about the Native American children?  I am tired of us being overlooked.  I believe in us, I know who we are, and I know we can do it – together.


WE MUST HAVE YOUR CURRENT ADDRESS ON FILE, ASAP.  The BIA has made it very clear that every tribal member must have a current address on file. Without this, you will have to be removed from our roll.  So hurry and get this to us.  Many of these newsletters will come back without a forwarding address.  Without a current address, we will start pulling members from our files.  If you have friends or family members who did not receive a newsletter, let them know we probably don’t have a current address and they MUST get this to us ASAP






If you would like to be a part of this tribe’s success, we ask that you join the Cherokee Promoters and help by sending in donations.  Please send all monies to our not for profit corporation, Northern Cherokee Community Assoc., at the tribal address.  As a member, you will be acknowledged for your contribution(s).


Yes _____ I would like to be a Promoter.  I can send in $________________


_______Weekly $______________Monthly, or a one time Yearly contribution of $_______.


Enclosed, is my contribution in the amount of $______________.





And in advance, from all of us, a Big Thank You.





I know we have all been losing patience in getting this done, but this was something that simply couldn’t be rushed. Hopefully, our patience will pay off, but even after being so careful, there will no doubt be areas that have to be corrected.  If so, I think we can overcome anything that needs to be done.  It is my honest opinion that we have met all the criteria that is necessary.  However, keep in mind that others will have the final say on this.  We just need to be ready to meet any obstacles that may come our way.


Don’t expect recognition right away; if you do, you will be very disappointed, because like many things, this takes time.  But, at least it has been submitted and at this time, there is nothing more we can do except wait, and get our government set in order as it should be.  In researching our history, it is obvious that we are already recognized, but until now, it has been a well kept secret.  It is hoped that we will merely be acknowledge for this and our recognition will be restored.


Getting recognition means a government to government relationship between us and the United States.  Are you ready for this?  Getting recognition does not mean there is

 automatic money waiting to go to each member.  I hope no one is looking forward to that happening, because -----it won’t.  What can be expected is a helping hand for those who want to help themselves.  To think something is given for nothing is a myth.  And, for those who are only interested in getting, you need to learn what your ancestors endured in order for you to be a survivor and be here today.  They certainly didn’t get any handouts and their struggles were many.  We, their descendants need to carry on and keep our heritage alive and be proud of whom we are; our past, present and look forward to a brighter more prosperous future.


DID YOU EVER STOP TO LEARN AND CONSIDER what our ancestors did endure?  If not, I do encourage you to learn and discover what a fascinating history you have. 








First of all get involved in your nation.  Attend regular meetings in your area.  And, if you don’t have a group meeting in your area, would you be willing to head one up?  Help your government to set in place those things that need to happen.  Remember, it’s your nation and the government is there to REPRESENT YOU.  But, we can’t do that if we don’t hear from you.




The council is currently working on a date and other details for our reunion that has taken place since 1983.  We encourage you to be a participant in this.  For more information contact your area representative and/or watch our nation’s web site. 


















From Chief Beverly Baker

If you would like the nations and local newsletter mailed to you please send us your current e-mail address to

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